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Take on the Veganuary challenge with Chilli No.5’s range of vegan hot sauces

Veganuary is just around the corner, offering the ideal opportunity for people to embrace a healthy lifestyle and challenge themselves to eat a plant-based diet for the month.

According to the official Veganuary website, the initiative inspired more than half a million people to try a vegan diet for the month of January in 2021, and this year even more people are expected to take on the Veganuary challenge.

One of the hardest aspects of a vegan diet is infusing dishes with a depth of flavour. Chilli No.5 is on a mission to change this, making it effortless and tasty to switch to a diet that is free from animal-derived ingredients.

Healthy vegan hot sauces

Chilli No. 5’s extensive range of globally inspired luxury vegan hot sauces offers an easy way to spice up vegan meals and add an incredible depth of flavour. Perfect for marinating, adding to sauces and stews, or as a lip-smacking dipping sauce, our vegan-hot sauces are designed to add pizzazz to all manner of culinary creations.

Not only are all Chilli No. 5 sauces vegan, but they are also filled with good-for-you ingredients, including a host of superfoods and our hand-picked selection of supplements, including Guarana, Korean Ginseng, L-Arginine, Inulin, Peruvian Maca and Fenugreek. The superfoods and supplements have a range of incredible reported health benefits, from aiding weight loss to supporting heart health.

“Chilli No. 5 is not only revolutionizing the hot sauce industry, but we also want to inspire people to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible,” Rumble Romagnoli, CEO and founder of Chilli No. 5 said. “Veganuary is the perfect opportunity to embrace a healthy vegan lifestyle, and our range of healthy vegan hot sauces make it even easier. They are ideal for people who are just starting their vegan journey, as well as established vegans looking for culinary inspiration.”

Globally inspired vegan hot sauces

Chilli No. 5’s range of vegan hot sauces ensures a perfect pairing for every dish, while the monthly roster of limited-edition hot sauces means there’s always something new to try.

Forever Phall is one of our hottest vegan hot sauces, perfect for adding extra pizzazz to vegetable curries. Chilli No. 5’s Wicked Wasabi pairs beautifully with Asian inspired fare, including vegetable spring rolls and vegan maki rolls. Alternatively, jazz up a vegetable stir fry by adding a generous portion of Chilli No. 5’s Totally Thai hot sauce.

“Our global hot sauces ensure there is a perfect match for every dish,” Romagnoli added. “With Chilli No. 5 your culinary creations are limited only by your imagination!”

Veganuary runs throughout the month of January. For inspiring vegan recipes, browse Chilli No. 5’s Superfood Monday recipes.

Discover Chilli No. 5 vegan hot sauces at chilli-no5.com

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