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Taking A Look At The Top Marijuana Health Benefits For Injury Recovery

Taking a look at some of the upsides and marijuana health benefits when it comes to injury recovery. How this plant can help your pain and inflammation.

Athletes and non-athletes alike can suffer an activity or sports-related injury. Aches and pains can happen to anyone.

Today, many people are treating these injuries using pharmaceutical prescriptions. Unfortunately, many of these drugs do more harm than good. In fact, a simple sports-related injury may develop into a lifelong battle with painkillers.

There are other options. One is marijuana. Keep reading to learn about marijuana health benefits for injury recovery and why this may be a smart option for you.

Finding a Better Way to Deal with Pain after an Injury

There’s no question that pain is a natural part of the recovery and healing process. Today, the treatments available are adequate enough to fix some of the most well-known injuries that occur. It is dealing with the pain that becomes challenging for patients, along with their doctors.

This is when cannabis comes into the picture. Marijuana has had a positive effect on reducing levels of pain. The Endocannabinoid system interacts with CBD, effectively relieving the aches that accompany common injuries.

Additionally, THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol can also help to treat pain. THC is another substance that is extracted from the cannabis plant. Keep in mind though, to use this product, you need a prescription from your doctor in many areas where it is not yet legal for recreational consumption.

Avoid Thinking About the Injury

Many people don’t think about the life of athletes when they are off the field. If they do, they believe the misconception that it’s a life full of fun and glamor. Unfortunately, depression among athletes is more common than many realize, and something that may occur after an injury.

To help individuals recover quickly and completely, athletes need to remain in a relaxed and calm environment. There are many people who use marijuana to help them relax. The best part is, there are several ways to use marijuana to achieve these relaxation benefits including smoking it in pipes or bongs, edibles, or using a vapor pen (to name a few).

This means that the substance that was once believed to have one purpose – getting stoned – is now able to be used in a positive manner to help an athlete get through and past an injury or related setback.

It has been confirmed that the reaction CBD has with neuroreceptors CB1 and CB2 help to produce anxiolytic-like and antidepressant-like effects. Athletes can benefit from this to help reduce symptoms of depression linked to the injury they have sustained.

The Potential Benefits for Brain Injuries

Contact sports such as rugby and boxing usually come with a chance of a traumatic injury. With moto-sports, these risks grow even more. If brain injuries do occur, there is some evidence that CBD may be beneficial to the recovery and healing process.

The endocannabinoids produced naturally in the body help with the recovery process after a brain injury. Those using this substance have experience enhanced functioning. This means that CBD and endocannabinoids work well together to help injured individuals overcome the effects of brain injuries.

Reducing or Preventing Sleepless Nights

Another common side effect of an injury is sleeplessness. Cannabinoid oil is beneficial in treating cases of insomnia.

By using this product, there won’t be any sleepless nights due to pain after an injury. This, too, helps to improve recovery and healing as a good night’s sleep is necessary for this to occur.

Avoid Weight Gain with Common Injury Related Medications

When you are using various prescriptions and medications while recovering from an injury, weight gain isn’t unheard of. The more time it takes you to fully recover, the more weight you will gain. At this point, cannabinoids can be beneficial and help you shed these additional pounds.

Professional Athletes and Marijuana Use

It is no secret that professional athletes use medical cannabis. Both NBA and NFL players have estimated that approximately 80% of fellow plyers use marijuana to manage anxiety, pain, and an array of other issues.

An example of a professional athlete that uses marijuana is Mike Jones. He uses medical cannabis to help circumvent opioid dependence that he was prescribed for pain.

It’s estimated that NFL players misuse opioids at much higher levels than those in the general popularity due to the prevalence of concussions and pain in this industry. The desire for non-addictive pain relief has even resulted in the creation of the Gridiron Cannabis Coalition, which is a group of NFL players who are pushing for the legalization of cannabis everywhere.

Marijuana Health Benefits and Your Injuries: A Natural Solution?

There is still a huge debate regarding whether marijuana should be legalized everywhere and on a federal level. Arguments can be made for both sides of this debate.

While this is true, it is still easy to see that there are several undeniable marijuana health benefits. These benefits come in many shapes and sizes and can help with an array of issues, diseases, ailments, and conditions.

Are you currently recovering from a sports-related injury? Did you suffer another type of injury? If so, there is quite a bit of promise coming from studies related to marijuana and pain relief.

If you are considering this treatment option but are currently taking prescriptions for pain and other issues, speak with your doctor.

Making sure you get the desired results is possible, but understanding what marijuana has to offer and why it should be used for certain things is crucial before you use it.

If you are ready to learn more about health and fitness, along with alternative treatment options, be sure to check out some of our other blogs. We post regularly and offer an array of information for you to help you stay informed.

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