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Talk like a pirate day: The holiday home fit for a pirate

Today is the day for all pirate lovers. “Talk Like A Pirate Day” is an international holiday held annually on the 19th of September. The day was first celebrated in 1995, encouraging people to talk and dress like the sea captains of ‘yester-years’. 

Guess what? Yes, that’s right, there is a pirate caravan perfect for the occasion.

In Yorkshire, you can find a unique pirate holiday home in Reighton Sands, Filey, that can be booked through UKcaravans4hire.com. From the outside, it looks like your everyday static caravan. However, once opening the door, you can embrace the UK’s first-ever fully themed, part interactive static caravan perfect for both young and old pirate lovers that comes complete with worn sails, treasure maps and swords.

Working with an external company, the owners, husband and wife, Keith and Claire Webster, have worked hard to make the caravan a fun, realistic and creative stay. The caravan comes with a personalised greeting in a bottle as well as an entertaining treasure hunt further inside and mysterious clues to solve a combination lock on a secret treasure cupboard door.

A family with young children commented: “I cannot tell you how great this caravan is, the pictures don’t do it justice. There is amazing attention to detail, even the handles in the galley (kitchen) are skulls. There is a rug treasure map, and with just a small willingness to suspend belief, you can believe yourself to be on the ship from Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Gareth Irving, Managing Director UKcarvans4hire.com said: “Given the current climate, everyone is looking forward to a holiday and getting away but it can be hard to find that special place for your whole family to enjoy that doesn’t break the bank.”

“It’s great to see caravan owners making such an effort to ensure families have a fantastic time during a staycation – the themed caravans with interactive fun activities certainly provide a memorable experience for the whole family.”

Does this sound like the perfect holiday home for you? To help you brush up on your “Pirate Talk” before you walk the plank, UKcaravans4hire.com have put together a list of popular pirate phrases that will make it even more fun to enjoy your time on the ‘ship’.

  • Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!
    The pirate catch phrase of grumbling or disgust
  • Ahoy, Me Hearties!
    Hello, my friends, crew members, etc.
  • Aye Aye
    Yes Sir, right away!
  • Blow me down!
    Phrase of amazement or shock
  • Booty
  • Clap of Thunder
    Shotting a strong, alcoholic drink – Grog is a pirate’s favourite drink (a mixture of rum, water, lemon juice, and sugar)
  • Dead Men Tell No Tales
    No survivors left behind
  • Hang ‘Em from the Yardarm
    A punishment served to a prisoner
  • Lad, lass, lassie
    A child or young person
  • Loot
    Stolen money or belongings
  • Pieces of eight
    Spanish coins in pirate treasures
  • Poop deck
    Surprisingly, not the toilet! This is at the farthest point of the ship above the Captain’s headquarters.
  • Run a Rig
    Play a joke or a trick on someone
  • Savvy?
    Do you get it? or Do you understand?
  • Scurvy Dog
    An insulting name
  • Shiver me timbers’
    An oath, expressing fear, annoyance or surprise – Blackbeard (AKA Edward Teach) was a well known terrifying pirate. You would often hear pirates in his presence mutter “Shiver me timbers!”.
  • Son of a Biscuit Eater
    Another insulting name
  • Three Sheets to the Wind
    Very drunk, intoxicated
  • Walk the Plank

If you hear this, you’re doomed – off the board into the deep ocean and possibly lead up to a meet-up with Davy Jones.

Are you interested in a pirate-themed holiday? You can book your stay at the fabulous themed caravan here.