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Technical challenges in the implementation of Blockchain Technology

ByDave Stopher

Nov 16, 2021

Blockchain technology has been a new craze in the world of information technology over the past decade. People who are advocating blockchain technology have stated that this technology can completely revolutionise the financial sectors. Blockchain technology can manage the real estate, healthcare and law sectors very well. Blockchain technology can also help achieve the tamper-proof facility. Decentralised currency is the core reason for the hype of blockchain technology.

Every new technology has some implications of risks and threats within it. It takes time to power the world with a technology everyone is not ready for yet. Blockchain has ticked the bucket list in this case. It is quite acceptable in many spheres but definitely comes with a lot of challenges. This guide can help you to understand some of the technical issues which are related to the essence of bitcoins and blockchain.

Inefficient technological designs

One of the major issues with blockchain technology is that there are certain coding loopholes in the system. Bitcoin is considered to be a frontier in the system and it has already experienced some backlash due to the inefficacy of the system. Covering up the lack of Bitcoin has not been enough. Most of the technology is composed of some false codes and loopholes. The loopholes can be misused by hackers quite easily. Security quotes are not flexible in blockchain technology.

Criminal Connection

The anonymous nature of blockchain technology can mean that criminal activities might be quite prevalent on this platform. Bitcoin is the primary target for the black market and it has special acceptability in the dark web actions as well. Cryptocurrency purchases are a result of the decentralised nature which again is a result of the technical aspect. You must be very careful when you are dealing with the assets of blockchain technology.

Low Scalability

An issue that is related to the implementation of blockchain technology is the lack of proper scalability. Mass integration of assets on the blockchain can lead to lower scalability. Whenever there is a large number of users on the network, the transactions take more time to be sanctioned. There are certain restrictions regarding the number of users on the network as well. If you want to channel your transaction in terms of bitcoins, it may even take weeks to get the transaction done. This challenge on scalability and speed makes blockchain kind of dull.

High Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is yet another barrier in blockchain technology. Most of the technology has to follow the bitcoin infrastructure and there are consensus algorithms as well. Mining will lead to the use of complex equations of your computer which will lead to the usage of more electricity. At present, it has been seen that 0.2% of the electricity is spent on bitcoin mining. Many organisations are avoiding blockchain completely because of this over-usage of non-renewable resources.

Blockchain has been noted for utilising the consensus methods for validating different types of transitions of payment measures.

Lack of Privacy

Blockchain and privacy do not go hand in hand in every situation. The public ledger system can easily fuel the system but full privacy is never guaranteed on this system. It is necessary to limit the number of users to a single network. The essential requirement for your use of bitcoin is that it will raise questions when you are offering to pay the educational institutes or even governmental companies.

Data restriction must be obtained at every stage when confidential information is concerned. Private or federal blockchain can work out in this place as the sensitive information will remain private.

Some other issues are closely related to the appropriate use of blockchain technology. You can check out the terms and conditions on Bitcoin trading which might give you a better idea about the technical difficulties related to this system. There are certain problems like getting no regulatory body over decentralised transactions. There are some major voices against blockchain technology that are based on these technical elements. You have to keep these in mind when you are dealing with the whole system.