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Tees Valley Mayor Visits Fertiliser Firm Central to Low Emissions Drive

Mayor Ben Houchen has visited a national fertiliser firm and learned about its work to cut CO2 emissions across the Tees Valley.

CF Fertilisers produces nitrogen-based fertilisers for the farming industry and its Billingham-based manufacturing plant employs 190 people.

During the Mayor’s visit, CF Fertilisers underlined its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and working to ensure it is carbon capture ready.

The firm, a subsidiary of American-based business CF Industries, is a key member of Teesside Collective, which seeks to create the UK’s first Carbon Capture and Storage-equipped industrial zone.

Co-ordinated by the Tees Valley Combined Authority, the private sector group of multinational chemical and power companies is calling for continued Government support to allow it to achieve its goal of a low carbon Northern Powerhouse.

As well as working to make the Teesside Collective’s plans a reality, CF Fertilisers already sells a portion of the CO2 it produces to other sectors, including the food and drink industry.

The way the manufacturing plant operates means that its CO2 is already separated from other process gases, making it perfectly positioned to play its part in such projects.

Mayor Houchen said: “Tees Valley wants to lead the way in Carbon Capture and Storage. It is vital such schemes are successful not just for the clear benefits of reducing the region’s CO2 emissions to protect the environment and help meet the UK’s climate change targets, but also for less obvious reasons.

“These include the ability to futureproof our all-important businesses against rising costs and help them meet an increasing demand for sustainable products. They could also attract new investments and jobs.

“We have seen strong endorsements from many different sectors for such a project. I’m delighted that CF Fertilisers is working so hard to make this vision a reality and applaud its dedication to Teesside Collective.”

CF Fertilisers Site Manager Keith Brudenell said: “Protecting the environment is critical to the future of our business. Due to the energy intensive process involved in fertiliser production, reducing CO2 emissions is a key priority for us.

“We have already invested in the reduction of our greenhouse gas emissions, and we support farmers in reducing their environmental impact. The availability of Carbon Capture and Storage infrastructure is key for CF and Teesside industry’s long term future”

“We look forward to continuing to work with Mayor Houchen and the Combined Authority for a lower carbon future.”

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