A Teesside engineering boss is spearheading a campaign to help local businesses win work.

It is called Preferred Partners and is the brainchild of Rob Lynas, whose company – Lynas Engineers – is based at The Wilton Centre near Redcar.

Preferred Partners is a local supply chain of small SMEs providing a range of services for the construction industry. Mr Lynas believes that by joining forces the businesses can win the major contracts which often go to big national companies.

“As a Tees Valley business, we are passionate about our area, its regeneration and creating  opportunities for future employment,” he said.

“Following such a challenging year, we wanted to create a united front and bring together local businesses.  Despite COVID and the lockdown there are exciting times ahead and I believe firms based around here should work together and collaborate for the greater benefit of our region.”

He added: “There is a huge amount of talent in this area and it’s not only good for our companies to get local contracts. There are also great knock-on effects for the whole of the Tees Valley. It’s a circular economy – money spent here will stay here.”

Around 20 firms and trainers – including Seymour Civil Engineering, Stockton Riverside College and Hall Construction – have already become Preferred Partners and Mr Lynas is keen to hear from more who share their commitment to supporting local businesses.

“Big contracts in the public sector tend to go to big companies with a long history and lots of staff,” he said. “That way – I suppose – any risk is minimised, but that doesn’t mean you’re necessarily going to get the best or most creative job.

“Through Preferred Partners we are providing all the services required to deliver a major construction project – from start to finish.  We have already shown that we can do this and it’s really important to see local money come back into the local community which has had such a tough time this year.”

Rob Lynas was born and educated on Teesside.  He set up Lynas Engineers in 2016. The company now has a staff of nine people and from the start it has focused on spotting and developing young local talent. 

Rob and the team at Lynas Engineers are encouraging other businesses to consider applying to the Preferred Partners scheme to help expand the services it can provide for projects across the region.