Renowned restaurant chain implements innovative software to manage allergen risk, sustainability and traceability in the supply chain.

TGI Fridays is now implementing Trade Interchange’s ARCUS® Supplier Information Management (SIM) software in the UK, and is utilising some of the most advanced functionality on the market to manage supplier risks.

Trade Interchange’s SIM software is a cloud based solution that manages the supplier on boarding process and creates complete visibility over the supply base, which in turn can reduce risks.

New plug-in functionality in SIM means that TGI Fridays can manage even deeper levels of supplier information at a product, site and audit level, which is ground breaking technology in the food and drink industry.

Alyson Scott, procurement supply chain director at TGI Fridays, was instrumental in employing Trade Interchange as part of the move to bring many previously outsourced procurement activities back in-house.

She said: “At TGI Fridays we are developing our CSR program to ensure we are doing everything in our power to meet the needs of our guests and stakeholders.

“High on our agenda is bringing control to our in-house team, so we have a full understanding of the products supplied to us. This will improve our allergen information and help us focus on sustainability and traceability.

“ARCUS® SIM enables us to check every supplier with ease and manage the relevant data through automation and streamlined processes, and we are looking forward to working with Trade Interchange to maximise the benefits of the software now and in the future.”

During the process of securing the TGI Fridays contract, Trade Interchange formed a partnership with Fourth, a leading provider of cloud-based forecasting and cost control, and now integrates ARCUS® SIM with its Recipe & Menu Engineering system.

Mike Edmunds, co-founder and managing director at Trade Interchange, said:

“The package we have configured for TGI Fridays will allow its multiple users to drill deep down into supplier and product data to ensure that allergen, sustainability and traceability risks are minimised and policies are adhered to.

“It will also be integrated into Fourth’s Recipe & Menu Engineering software to assist chefs with recipe and product details, a groundbreaking move in the industry.

“We look forward to developing the relationship with both TGI Fridays and the team at Fourth.”

The Trade Interchange team recently released a white paper covering the challenges of allergens in the supply chain, which is available as a downloadable PDF on its website.

There is also a paper on the use of antibiotics in livestock available, with more papers planned soon on modern slavery, sustainability and other key industry topics.

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