Cryptocurrency trading is a fast-paced activity. In such a volatile market, successful traders know the pivotal importance of real-time crypto market information. Cove Markets notes here that a good crypto news platform is one of the most important cryptocurrency tools for active traders. Many sources provide solid crypto news these days, including even mainstream financial news sites.

With all the options you have, it might be hard to determine which sites provide better, faster, more pertinent crypto news. These are the cream of the crop when it comes to delivering you the crypto news you need to help you succeed.

On this list, we cover several types of platforms that you can get your news from. Some may work better than others for your specific needs or you may want to use a combination of platforms to give you the best overall experience. Here are the five best places for cryptocurrency news.

1. CryptoPanic

If you want a one-stop-shop to get all the crypto news you need, check out a crypto news aggregator. These aggregator sites do the hard work of scanning every crypto news site, big and small, to deliver the most relevant news to your desktop or mobile phone. Several aggregator sites are available but CryptoPanic is one of the best known and most popular. 

CryptoPanic is all business–which some traders love but others may find too basic. There are no graphics or even ads. All you get is an old-school DOS boot up-looking interface that constantly delivers real-time crypto news. While the layout and interface are no-frills, the site does offer some interesting customization options for users. 

You can customize the feed to deliver news that is most relevant to your portfolio and premium users can add Twitter or Reddit feeds as well. The site also supports an active crypto community. Users can vote on whether they are bearish or bullish on different cryptocurrencies and can mark certain stories “important” if they think it delivers critical news to other users. 

2. CryptoGoat

Other aggregators, like CoinSpectator and FAWS, offer different experiences than CryptoPanic, but for a straight-forward alternative, is the answer. This site is a page with bold graphics that illustrate each story, and those stories come from a wide range of blockchain-related sites. You can search back three months on CryptoGoat if you are looking for trends of sites or authors. 

What you won’t find on CryptoGoat is social media feeds, filters, original content, or crypto services. While this may seem limiting, the site explains why they don’t provide these things in their About Us section. The site wants to be a true aggregator site that provides news from trusted sources without agenda. 

The site doesn’t do social media because it believes that those feeds function as aggregator sites already, so there is no need to add them. As for filters, which some traders want, the site tells users they believe their format is better for overall knowledge and that filter cause traders to miss important news at times. 

3. Coindesk

Crypto investor and entrepreneur Shakil Khan founded Coindesk in 2013 and, in the last three-quarters of a decade, the site has become one of the two most well-respected and important crypto-centric news sites in the industry. Along with Cointelegraph, Coindesk is widely regarded as the go-to crypto news site online today.

In addition to the most important news stories of the day, Coindesk also offers a handful of learning and research tools, videos, podcasts, and more. The site even offers four different daily newsletters, depending on your interests, that they will send directly to your inbox. While it may not give you the diverse range of opinions and info that an aggregator site does, most traders can get all they need from a site like Coindesk.

One more nice feature from Coindesk is their quarterly “The State of Blockchain” report. These reports help traders and investors understand the trends and data in the industry. This report has become a must-read for serious crypto traders, helping them make good decisions in the future.

4. Cointelegraph 

The other big news site, along with Coindesk, that top traders swear by is Cointelegraph. This site has everything a trader needs to stay on top of crypto news. In addition to news and the latest price updates, Cointelegraph offers a range of extras that you won’t find on other news sites. 

The site offers crypto consulting services, a learning tools section known as “cryptopedia,” and even a magazine section that provides more personal stories and soft news about the people and companies that drive the crypto industry. With such a variety of information, the site can be enjoyed by novice traders and experienced ones alike. 

The site also has a fantastic Top 100 list which ranks the most important people in the industry. On this list, you will find crypto luminaries like Coinbase founder Brian Armstrong and Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin as well as more well-known figures like politician Kelly Loeffler and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. 

5. Social Media

The last place that makes it on the list of best places for cryptocurrency news is social media. While there isn’t one platform that is universally regarded as the best for crypto news, using a combination of the major players and following the right accounts is a super way to stay up to date.

Twitter is the platform that is best known for real-time news and doesn’t disappoint in this regard with crypto news. Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn all have their benefits too, and, depending on who you are interested in following, these can be good options. Even a burgeoning social platform like Snapchat has some interesting crypto follows these days and is worth checking out if you like the platform.


Plenty of places provide crypto news but not all of these places are created equal. Top aggregator sites like CryptoPanic and CryptoGoat, do-it-all news sites like Coindesk and Cointelegraph, and a variety of social media sites are the best places to get your news. Whether you use one of these options or several, these sites will help ensure that you are up-to-date on crypto news.