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The 7 Most Important Questions You Must Ask A Bail Bonds Company


Sep 8, 2021

If you or your loved one has just been arrested , you are probably grappling with how to pay the bail demanded by the court. Bail bonds companies like Freedom / Libertad Bail Bonds exist to help people in your situation post the amount of money set by the court. When trying to get yourself or a loved one out of jail, the priority is usually choosing a bail bonds company that will act as quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible. 

Trying to meet bail is a stressful and trying time when you or a loved one can fall prey to an unscrupulous individual posing as a licensed bail bonds person. While searching for a bail bonds company, you need to know the best possible questions you can ask. This is the best way to get yourself or your loved one out of police custody as soon as possible. This article will highlight the best questions and how to narrow down the list of the best bail bonds people in your location. 

Are You Licensed? 

State laws regulate bail bonds companies. It is important to ask any bail bonds company you consider if they are registered to operate in your area. Do not accept anything less than a definite yes. It is advisable to crosscheck licensed bail bonds companies on any online or physical database the state or local government offers. 

Licensing is what protects your rights to have your bail posted after you have paid the bail bonds person their standard fee. Dealing with an unlicensed bail bonds company is risky. Beware because unlicensed dealers tempt you to accept the risk by offering suspiciously low rates compared to other companies in the same location. 

Do You Operate In My Location? 

Bail bonds companies are licensed and experienced in specific geographic locales. You need to ask the bail bonds person if they regularly bail people out of the location in which you or your loved one is detained.  

A good way to find out if a bail bonds company operates in your area is to ask how soon they can get a bail bonds person to visit you or your loved one in jail. Reputable companies in your location will send a bail bonds person to explain the bond process to you in person because they are accustomed to dealing with detained persons. 

Do You Typically Handle My Amount Of Bail? 

Some bail bonds companies specialize in either low, mid-size or large bail bonds. You should choose the bail bonds company that specializes in your amount and works in your favor. 

The company is more likely to offer friendly rates and flexible payment plans if they regularly post bail amounts. Such companies are accustomed to taking on such risks and have legal ways of protecting their investment that you or your loved one will honor the court-imposed obligations. 

How Much Do You Charge? 

Bail bonds companies often post their rates on their website or reveal them if you call in person. They typically ask for a percentage (usually above 10%) of the total bail amount demanded by the court. Be wary of bail bonds companies that seem to drastically undercut the general market rate because such deals are often not legal. 

Can You Explain My Payment Options? 

Different bail bonds companies have different payment options. Some allow you to pay the obliged fees in installments or offer some kind of security to guarantee the payment of the amount. 

When Can I Expect To Be Freed?

Reliable bail bonds companies can only guarantee how long they will take to post the bail after completing the initial payment. Each police department takes unpredictable times to process release papers. You can expect a release within roughly 24 hours of the bail being posted. 

What Happens After I Am Freed? 

A reputable bail bonds company will reveal that even though the bail amount you pay is non-refundable, it is important that you or your loved one show up for all court-mandated proceedings.

Bail is paid to guarantee the suspect’s cooperation, and the importance of not skipping bail should be emphasized in advance. Skipping bail is not in your or your loved one’s best interests because it will negatively affect your court case and any future chance of being offered bail. 

Often you will deal with a bail bonds company online, via fax, or over the phone either because you might be in police custody. If you are seeking bail for a loved one, you may find it more convenient to narrow down the list of prospective bail bonds companies by shopping online before actually visiting their office.

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