Sales Funnel Explained

Sales funnels are visual metaphors for the direction taken by potential customers as they move forward towards becoming a customer. Sales funnels help businesses visualize and understand their sales process and determine overall conversion success between the different steps of the funnel.

The funnel is shaped like a capsize pyramid, alike real-world funnels, to which the metaphor makes the illusion. The width of every section of the funnel reflects your audience size, with the top being the most comprehensive and the bottom being the smallest. At the top of your funnel, you will see mobile app users and website visitors, whereas at the bottom of the funnel you will notice a conversion event or sale. Marketing sales in this model aim to obtain as many prospects in at the top of your funnel and transfigure them into customers.

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The Sales Funnel And Marketing

A sales funnel is powered by marketing activities that produce awareness and build demand for a service or product. Shifting a customer through the funnel is a cautiously orchestrated series of activities, which is designed to boost awareness and educate the prospective buyer on the benefits of your offer. With time, customers start moving down through a sales funnel – from the initial interaction to a final transaction – as they learn more about the product and state interest in it. When the funnel narrows at every stage, prospects drop, therefore, fewer, and fewer potential customers are left. The ultimate aim of an effective marketing and sales process is to boost your conversion rate at every stage of the funnel to have more customers make it through the whole funnel.

Types Of Funnels

Sales funnels can vary depending on the industry. two of the best sales funnel builders who are widely used are Clickfunnels and Builderall. We spoke to one of a clickfunnels expert and they believe that some funnels contain multiple phases, while others only include two or three. For instance, your typical sales funnel for an eCommerce site may start with website visitors at the top, people who have added items to the shopping cart and who have visited the checkout page would be in the middle and customers who have completed their transaction will be at the bottom. The journey for eCommerce funnels can take place in minutes, whereas an enterprise sales funnel may take a few months. Overarching funnels can be divided into smaller funnels as well, getting closer with each phase of the funnel and looking into specific actions made by users from one stage to the next.

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Understanding A Sales Funnel

Understanding the concept behind sales funnels is essential, as it is a useful model to visualize a customer’s journey from initially showing interest all the way up to conversion. A sales funnel offers a meaningful framework where you can analyze your business as well as identify areas that need improvement. For more info on clickfunnels check this article “What is Clickfunnels?

Optimizing Your Funnel

Testing software programs can assist you through all the stages of a sales funnel. You can set up tests quickly and start optimizing your site, sign up forms, landing pages, email newsletters, and more. By modifying your vital customer touchpoints, you can generate yield in every part of the sales funnel, helping you with increasing your revenue right away.