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The Basics of Cord Cutting: Choosing a Digital TV Antenna

ByDave Stopher

May 29, 2020

With cable costs consistently rising many people are looking for options to cut costs or even cut the cord completely. Streaming services offer one option but even they look like they are following suit with pricing trend.

Using a digital tv antenna you can free yourself from the cost of cable and any service completely. With a little bit of work, you can cut the cord, save the cash, and keep the content.

How Antennas Work

Before deciding to add an antenna to your service arsenal or go with cord-cutting completely it is important to understand how they work.

You should understand what channels will be available to you as this will greatly vary depending on your location and reception strength.

The first step is to determine what signals are going to reach your home. There is a tool available online, TV Fool, that not only will list the channels but also aid you in positioning the antenna for the best reception.

The channels are listed from the strongest reception to the weakest, allowing you to rank desired channels and have an idea ahead of time if you will be able to pick up the ones you want.

The information is paired up with FCC broadcast information so you can be assured that it is accurate.

Stations are broadcast on varying frequencies just as radio stations are. You can receive 104 on the radio but you will also pick up 104.1, 104.2, 104.3, and so on. The same goes for all channels on antenna reception.

This will allow for further focus on the signal and a reliable reception in times of blackout or bad weather. In times of emergency OTA or Over-the-Air signals have a far lower chance of being interrupted.

Even with the reliability, there can be concerns with outages. If there is ever a need to check on any broadcasting read more now to see the statuses

Deciding Which Digital TV Antenna to Buy

There is never going to be a single best antenna because there is a multitude of factors that affect the signal reception. For each general situation, there are selections at the top of their class, however.

An important factor deciding between placing the antenna outdoors or indoors. Many times an indoor antenna will be cheaper but the trade-off is a lower range.

  • Top Overall-Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse-
    • Approximately 35-40 miles
    • Has an amplified option for a 50-mile radius with a slight lowering of quality (higher price point)
    • The flat design makes it easy to fit nicely in a home.
  • Best On A Budget-1byone Flat Indoor Antenna-
    • At a 24$ price point, the antenna still operates at approximately 30 miles
    • A lower channel at high quality
    • Non-HD
  • Best Outdoor-Winegard Elite 7550 Outdoor HDTV-
    • Strong interference suppression
    • Strong reception over 70+ miles.
  • Best Indoor-Mohu Leaf Amplified Indoor TV Antenna-
    • Despite being an indoor antenna the Leaf has an impressive 60-mile range and a non-intrusive flat white design
    • Consider the ease of use and strength the price point could have easily been much higher than the 60$ it sits at.

Remember to do proper research before ordering to make sure the antenna you chose is the best fit for your equipment set up and the conditions of your area.

Time to Cut The Cord

Armed with just the right digital tv antenna you can get ready to cut that cord, save some cash, and still be able to catch up on your favorite shows. Make sure you check all the channels beforehand and set it up properly!

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