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The Benefits of Agile Development

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Today, Agile Development has become one of the most popular approach to software project management. Established over two decades ago, Agile is a methodology that is based on an incremental and iterative approach to project management. Based on flexibility, continous improvement, and transparency, it is now widely implemented by businesses across the globe. In fact, almost 71% of companies use Agile practices in some capacity on a regular basis.

So what makes Agile so successful? Here are some benefits of the Agile framework that makes it one of the best project management methodologies today.

1. Better quality control

In Agile projects, testing is an integral part of the project execution phase. This means that the final quality of the software or product developed is better than if you were to use another approach that is non-iterative.

2. Greater customer satisfaction

In the Agile methodology, the client is always involved in the decision-making process. This means that they inflience the execution, leading to greater flexibility and adaptability, in turn ensuring a greater customer rentention. This also allows businesses to deliver more value to the cusomer and ensure that the end product delivered is at-par with their requirements.

3. Risk mitigation

Because Agile projects have features such as increased transparency, quality-control, and feedback integration, managers have better control over the entire project. And with control, predicting potential risks and mitigating them also becomes a lot easy. For instance, in Scrum methodology, burndown charts and sprint backlogs are used to increase visibility so performances can be planned accordingly.

4. Increased flexibility:

When working on Agile projects, teams work in smaller bursts, implementing constant feedback to make the service/product they’re building better. And because of these short sprints, managing changes on a short notice becomes easier, leading to greater flexibility.

All in all, the Agile framework is a powerful tool that allows organisations to increase the quality of their products/services and overcome pitfalls like excesssive production costs.

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