For years now, the UK government has struggled to construct new build homes to keep pace with rising demand and predetermined targets.

This trend continued through 2020, while it was accelerated further by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. To this end, 123,151 new homes were registered in 2020, with this figure 23% on the previous year’s efforts.

Of course, there are also significant differences between new and old build properties, particularly in terms of their infrastructure, available amenities and the amount of floor space available to buyers.

In this post, we’ll appraise the benefits of living in a new-build community and ask why you should consider this as a potential buyer.

#1. Modern Infrastructure

Let’s start with the basics; as it stands to reason that new build developments benefit from modern infrastructure and should include the key components of modern technology and construction methods.

Remember, such developments often create physical and social communities, which are characterised by brand new roads and driveways.

Not only this, but they’re also designed to incorporate the very latest technology, in the form of electric car charging points (usually on driveways and in garages) and low latency, 5G broadband that’s ideal for home working.

In short, new build developments benefit from the best of contemporary technology and infrastructure, making them ideal for young professionals and first-time buyers.

#2. They Create a Safe Living Environment

Once again, new build developments often create immersive communities, which are designed to appeal to buyers and promote the idea of safe and comfortable living.

For example, most developments are incredibly well lit during the evening hours, while the connecting roads are also designed to encourage safe driving and the wellbeing of all road users including pedestrians.

As a result, new builds are ideal for young families who want to live in a safe neighbourhood, and one that’s united by an underlying sense of community and an infrastructure that makes the security of individuals paramount.

To this end, new build development sites may also feature a functional camera or CCTV network, that can deter criminals and create an additional layer of security for residents.

#3. Access Nearby Amenities and Transport Links

Just as important as the infrastructure and build of new developments in the location, as developers often target strategic and in-demand areas that offer an array of benefits to a diverse audience of potential buyers.

For example, you may find that new build developments are built within close proximity to schools and shopping centres, the latter of which may include gyms, restaurants, bars and other popular haunts for residents.

Occasionally, the developments themselves may incorporate shops and facilities, creating even more convenience for residents and visitors alike.

Similarly, most new developments in the modern age are located close to public transport links, allowing for seamless commuting by bus or rail as required.