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The best 6 ideas on using teeth whitening strips

ByDave Stopher

Dec 21, 2021

In the current world, everyone has an interest in teeth whitening. The basic question is, which whitening product is the best? Many people will turn to teeth whitening strips because they appear harmless. The strips are also appealing to many people since they are easy to apply. Are you in UK and planning to use the crest whitening strips? You need to know where to buy crest whitening strips UK since they have strict restrictions. Here, you will get the top tips on using any teeth whitening strips you will get in the market.

Consistency is vital

You should apply the teeth whitening strips to your teeth every day. Never skip a single day to get the best results that you desire. Each teeth whitening strip has its unique set of instructions on the number of days you should use. You need to do it until the last day. Most teeth whitening strips last for two weeks of continuous application. 

Before you apply the whitening strips, brush your teeth

Get a white toothbrush to clean your teeth before placing these whitening strips. It’s advisable to use toothpaste before placing the whitening strips but unnecessarily don’t use toothpaste with any fluoride component before applying the whitening strips. The reason is that the fluoride will render the whitening strips ineffective. They will not perform their duties well. After brushing your teeth, rinse your mouth well using enough cleaning water. The brushing and proper rinsing help open the pores in your teeth. It facilitates the proper functioning of the whitening strips.

Use the whitening strips in moderation

The teeth whitening strips are only safe if used in moderation. Overusing the strips will make your teeth more sensitive. If you apply the strips at a high frequency, they will cause permanent damage to your teeth. The strips can erode the protective teeth enamel layer. It results from frequent exposure to whitening agents.

Limit contact with gums

Whitening strips have bleaching agents that aren’t strong like those used by dentists. They still do have potential damage on the soft gum tissues. It’s essential to ensure that the whitening strips don’t contact the gums. If possible, cut the strips using scissors to serve as an aesthetic match with your teeth’ shape. 

Don’t take dark beverages or food after teeth whitening

Give your teeth enough time after whitening to close strip pores. The pores stay open for hours after the application. It makes the teeth likely to stain when it comes to beverages and foods of dark hues. Don’t take any dark-colored beverages or food. These foods and beverages include coffee, chocolate, berries, soda, or wine. Wait until after a day or in the evening on the same day. 

Start right

The safe teeth whitening begins with healthy teeth. Make sure you don’t have loose dental work, cracks, or unfilled cavities. You will have the whitening process without worrying about any teeth damage. 

Find the right fit

Different teeth whitening products have different bleaching agents with different concentrations. If you are new to teeth whitening products, a good strategy is to go for the products with a lower concentration. If you don’t feel any teeth sensitivity, try the higher concentration ones. Don’t go directly to the highly concentrated to get faster results. 

It’s also worth mentioning that whitening strips are good for people without braces or those with invisible aligners that can removed anytime. If you have braces, visiting a dentist for a teeth whitening treatment is your best option.


To get the best results, follow a good oral hygiene routine, like brushing twice a day every day. Make sure you read and understand the instruction on the product you are to use before applying it.