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The Best Golf Clothing for this year’s PGA European Tour in Denmark

ByDave Stopher

May 5, 2019 #Sports

Are you intending on heading out to the PGA European Tour in Denmark? Then you will likely meet many a golf enthusiast while you are over there. However, with the tour being held in Scandinavia, this year, it’s likely going to be a touch colder than many would expect. If you worry that you might be feeling the chill a bit more this year than you would want/intend, then we recommend that you take a look at some of the quality golfing gear that is available to buy this year.

What kind of golfing gear should I look at?

One of the most important things that you can look at when buying golf clothing for the 2019 PGA European Tour is comfort. You will be enjoying your time in Denmark regardless, but it can be quite a chilly place. As such, you want clothes that look stylish and fashionable without being too over-the-top.

You also want to find clothes that can keep you warm and, crucially, avoid any of the cutting winds piercing through the fabric. To stay warm, then, make sure you focus on versatility and thickness.

Where should I start my golf clothes shopping for the PGA European Tour 2019?

Many quality golf apparel stores exist, and some have great Euro-ready attire to select from. For example, Callaway golf wear from Function 18 is very popular this year. It has become a go-to brand for many golf fans, not least because their clothes are comfortable yet also thick and durable. If you want to get golf gear that fits well and leaves you feeling comfortable, you’ll find that F18 has some great items to look at this year.

Part of the fun with buying from a firm like Function 18, and Callaway in particular, is that they have something for every setting. If Denmark is a bit milder than some would predict for this time of year, you’ll find plenty of comfortable golf clothing to wear. From polo shirts that are breathable but not too light, to comfortable golfing trousers and shorts, you can pick up just about everything you need to play, and watch, in total comfort.

A big part of what has made the Callaway brand so popular is their durability. Other golf brands look good and might have a nice sense of fashionable appeal. Some, though, are not durable enough. Callaway gear can take plenty of physical wear and tear without getting damaged or otherwise buckled.

With that in mind, then, a fair few golfers will be turning to this brand for the 2019 PGA European Tour. Even if you are just going along to watch, it will be nice to pick up some quality clothing to keep you well protected. From stylish windbreakers to tour shirts and tech trousers, they have something for every golfer to pick from.

In time, then, you might just find that these are the perfect golfing gear for you. So, if you intend on heading on over to Denmark this year, be sure to come fully prepared thanks to Callaway.

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