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The best online sites to counteract boredom

ByDave Stopher

May 28, 2020

Bored and in need of some sites to fill you with some entertainment? Are you on the lookout for sites that offer you inspiration, creativity as well as the possibility to earn some cash prizes? Great, you are in the right place. This article tells you the best online sites to counteract your boredom.

Online Casinos

Online casinos are undoubtedly some of the best sites where players find entertainment! Popularity has been astronomical in recent years and it is not difficult to see why. Online casinos boast 1000’s of games, 24/7 access and the possibility of cash prizes. With all this to offer we would go as far to say online casinos are a certifiable boredom killer. Entertainment and fun are at the heart of casino games. Cutting edge technology is used to provide players with a superior gaming experience and keeping players entertained.  It is difficult to become bored gambling when this amount of variety is on offer. Online slots alone, feature 100’s of different themes, each with different storylines. All this entertainment can also be enjoyed by playing games for free in demo-mode. Playing in this mode, means however any “wins” cannot be collected.  If the thrill of a win beats your boredom blues, there are ways to play risk-free such as with a bonus.  There are many casino promotions available and it’s here you will find free spins, free bets and a no deposit bonus.


Competition amongst casino operators remains at an all time high. In an attempt to entice new customers and retain existing ones, there are many offers and promotions floating around. Some may well require you to make a deposit as part of the offer such as a matched bonus. Others such as a no deposit bonus may not. Always check the casino operator’s promotions page, because it’s usually here you will find free spins and other bonuses to use in their casino. Once you have found a suitable bonus, read the terms of the bonus, to ensure it really is the best bonus for you. You will find this information in the casino operator’s terms and conditions or their bonus terms and conditions.

Create a blog 

In this great digital age in which we live, content is king! By visiting sites such as WordPress you can create your own blog. Helping others is a great way to counteract boredom whilst getting your creative juices flowing. It’s a win win. There are niches out there for everyone from travel blogs, reviews of new casino games to blogs about food. Passion counteracts boredom so choose a topic you love. Over time, your blog may even earn you a passive income! Or at very least…freebies. That’s right, you can make money through cross selling or by promoting other brands on your site. You can do this by joining an affiliate programme in the same niche, once you are enrolled in their programme, they will give you a link to add to your site. You earn money by referring someone from your blog to whatever service or product they’re selling. Every time someone clicks on their link from your site and it results in an action… boom, you are paid a commission.

Social Gambling 

If you thought social media is just for socialising, you are mistaken. Now, you can gamble via your favourite social media, this new trend is simply known as ‘Social Gambling’. In a bid to reach more people, casino operators have launched games on social media. Casino games are now available on well-known social media sites. Play for fun via Google+, MySpace and more. Facebook, however, tends to be the most popular. Here you will find free spins, free blackjack, free roulette. Social Gambling is bound to cure any bout of boredom. It allows you to play games alone, against friends or even against total strangers. And if you enjoy friendly banter amongst friends, you can even share your results with them! Have fun on the go too, social gambling allows access from all mobile devices.


In case you’re wondering, TED is not the highly offensive bear featured in the American comedy film.  TED is short for Technology Entertainment and Design. It is a global non-profit body which shares thoughts and lessons in the form of video content.  Regardless of the subject, TED videos are motivational, inspirational and entertaining. All counteractive ingredients of boredom wouldn’t you say? Videos or presentations are hosted from a variety of people. Hosts range from scientists to politicians and professors to writers. Ted currently houses over 3000 videos exploring a range of topics. What’s more TED talks are completely free and are available on their website or on their YouTube channel. The price of combating boredom doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. TED will not only cure your boredom, but will also learn something new and/ or explore an idea from a new perspective