As one of the oldest gaming genres, racing games are more popular than ever. While the offering on Nintendo Switch is still pretty slim, there is plenty to choose on PS4, Xbox One, and PC for the racing enthusiasts. We will not focus only on simulations, but also arcade experiences that are also fun.

Gran Turismo Sport

When GT Sport was first announced, we were skeptical about it. The game looked like a PS3 effort that runs in higher resolution and will be focused only on online racing. Still, when the final game arrived, we got the best looking car models, with incredible attention to details and by far the best lighting effects. The problem was that the game offered only about 150 cars and a handful of tracks, with a non-existing single-player career and a horrible online. But, those that were patient were rewarded, as every month Polyphony Digital as the developers added new cars and tracks for free. They’ve also radically improved online, and even added a single-player career that is still not on the same level as the previous efforts. Gran Turismo is a simulation-heavy but also a fun experience that is optimized for the gamepads, and there are so many assists to turn on that everyone can enjoy it. It’s one of those super games that are also so cheap these days.

Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon series redefined open-world racing games, and the latest installment is the best! In Forza Horza 4, the game will take you to the British Isles, where you will drive hundreds of miles of roads across the country, traveling through peaceful villages or cities like Edinburgh. This is one of the prettiest games around, and the thrill of reaching over 200 mph on the highway in Bugatti Chiron is hard to describe! This game can efficiently function as an arcade, but if you go for realism, you will be awarded bonuses for your performances. Unlike GT Sport, this game featured paid DLC content, which included two expansions, sending you to Lego world and an island in Scotland. Grabbing the ultimate edition of the game for PC or Xbox One is the best choice to make.

F1 2019

Season 2019 wasn’t that exciting since Lewis Hamilton easily defended his crown, but the official game will give you all the thrills you need as you experience in free adult games. This time there is also a Formula 2 championship so that you can see as some of the future stars, such is Mick Schumacher, son of legendary Michael. The game looks much better than it’s predecessor thanks to hugely improved lightning, while the driving model is still realistic, while playable on the gamepad. The career mode is the best so far, offering sophisticated development options and even more things to do when you are not on the racing track. If you love F1 or motorsports in general, don’t miss it.