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The Best UK University Modules to Improve negotiation skills


May 5, 2019 #Business, #education

Universities have begun to realise the true value of strong negotiation skills and have

developed it into a mainstream module. All around the country different Universities and departments are offering Negotiation courses. The content varies from negotiation for law students to large scale diplomatic trade negotiations. Whichever way you look at it, negotiation is a key still and boosts the employability of students.

The following list comprises of 4 of the best and most interesting negotiation modules currently being offered by UK universities. 

The City Law School – Negotiation

The course offered by the London City University Law School takes a more theoretical approach to the subject. From a more specific Law angle, it looks at the various theoretical negotiation tactics that exist as well as how to plan and execute a successful business negotiation.

De Montford University– The Creative Art of Selling and Negotiation (ENTE2535)

This course takes a wider view on the art of negotiation. It looks at the overall process of selling including the key role that negotiation has. It covers everything from networking to time management and influencing others. The goal of this module is to give students a comprehensive idea of how to sell concepts and products, a key element of forging a successful business.

University of Birmingham – Economic Diplomacy and Negotiation

An international look at how Negotiations contribute to diplomacy around the world. This module from the University of Birmingham is taught by Dr Sotirious Zartaloudis, a lecturer with significant teaching experience in the field. It tackles inter-state diplomacy and negotiation as well as a number of case studies from Worldbank debt forgiveness negotiations to US-Canada Acid Rain debates. Studying a course such as this helps to understand how diplomacy works on such a large scale and even the biggest negotiations can come to a mutually beneficial outcome.

Lancaster University – Strategic Negotiation: Making Sustainable Deals (MKTG302)

Each of the different courses on this list has a different focus. At Lancaster, the negotiation course offered by the experienced Professor Mouzas, looks at the long-term aspect of negotiations. Unlike other courses which look at influence or persuasion tactics, the Lancaster course looks at crafting deals which are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. This looks at how companies, whatever stage of the lifecycle they are in, must negotiate with various stakeholders to achieve success. It gives students the knowledge of how to strategically negotiate for optimal long-run success.

Although many Universities are now offering Negotiation Courses for their students, business owners, managers and salespersons are still able to hone their skills without returning to university. Highly experienced negotiators such as The Gap Partnership offer great negotiation courses. If you are looking to improve the skills and performance of your team then a negotiation training could be the solution.

Courses like this cover the corporate side of negotiation in depth and look at how you can use different tactics to ensure a mutually beneficial and profitable business deal.

Whatever your training or background, having expert training in the art of negotiation will undoubtedly lead to even greater success for your business and career.

By Tom