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The GDPR is here, so what happens next?

How to demonstrate comprehensive data governance strategies to gain AND maintain compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation is here, so what happens next?  The GDPR is confusing and complicated for those not used to this kind of legislation, so how do businesses know they have done everything possible to check the GDPR compliance box both now and in the future, to minimise the risk of a costly fine? is an easy to use cloud-based system which guides small to medium-sized companies simply and effectively through the process of GDPR compliance now and in the future.  The system helps businesses assess where they are with GDPR compliance by working through a series of framework questions. This monitors what is left outstanding, and offers delegation tools for DPOs to allocated actions to the wider team to help gather information and facilitate completion of next steps.

Relevant GDPR articles beside each framework question, a glossary to explain terminology and plenty of sample data to pre-populate key areas, as well as help guidance, all mean that the user is fully informed and supported at every step.

In addition, the framework enables access to policies and procedures drawn up by GDPR lawyers, which can be tailored to a business via an autofill mechanism.

Single click reporting and assessment tools map data, as well as keep various sets of data all in the same place, providing accessible documentary evidence of compliance, if the ICO come knocking.

Jo Amos, Director of Impact Technology, the company behind, says; “ helps companies tick the due diligence box and meet and keep the guidelines.  We have specifically designed our UK based platform to make it quick and easy for small to medium sized businesses to gain AND maintain GDPR compliance at a ridiculously affordable price.”

Subscription packages start at £25 per month per subscriber, with a variety of other subscription options designed to suit the GDPR needs of all companies.  The 14-day FREE trial will enable users to evaluate the system and quickly and easily kick-start their GDPR roadmap. 

Andi Catt, MD of The Call Business has taken a company subscription and comments; “We are a business development agency so we have loads of different types of data we work with. Like any company we hold records for our staff, our suppliers and our clients, but we are data processors on behalf of our clients so the whole issue of GDPR is much more complex.  It was crucial for us to be able to manage the compliance process in a structured way and GDPR software answered all our needs.”

Each time we start to work with a new client, we now have a clear road map of what needs to be done to ensure that we work as we should. And we can easily generate, complete and safely file the appropriate paper work for every campaign we initiate for every client.

“It has made it so much easier for us not only to become compliant but to manage and maintain our compliance. And without the cost of bringing in a specialist to act as our DPO.  Without GDPR software the task to become compliant would have been so much more laborious and expensive.”

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