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The Greatest Moments from Coronation Street


May 21, 2024

The Greatest Moments from Coronation Street

Coronation Street, affectionately known as “Corrie,” has been a staple of British television since it first aired on December 9, 1960. Over the decades, the show has produced countless unforgettable moments, each etched into the memories of its dedicated viewers. Here are some of the greatest moments in Coronation Street history, complete with YouTube links for you to relive the drama, joy, and heartbreak.

1. Hilda Ogden’s Emotional Exit (1987)

Hilda Ogden, played by Jean Alexander, became one of Corrie’s most beloved characters. Her departure after 23 years was a tear-jerker, especially her poignant farewell to her “muriel.” This scene remains one of the most memorable in the show’s history. Watch Hilda Ogden’s Exit

2. Richard Hillman’s Deadly Deeds (2002-2003)

Richard Hillman, portrayed by Brian Capron, is one of the street’s most notorious villains. His storyline climaxed in a terrifying scene where he attempts to kill his family by driving them into a canal. The tension and drama in this moment are unforgettable. Watch Richard Hillman’s Canal Scene

3. The Tram Crash Disaster (2010)

To mark the show’s 50th anniversary, Coronation Street staged an epic tram crash that resulted in several dramatic storylines and significant character exits. The crash was a spectacular piece of television and showcased the show’s ability to blend high drama with deep emotional impact. Watch the Tram Crash

4. Deirdre Barlow’s Imprisonment and Release (1998)

Deirdre Barlow, played by Anne Kirkbride, was wrongfully imprisoned, leading to a public outcry and even political commentary. Her release was a triumphant moment for fans who had campaigned for her freedom. Watch Deirdre Barlow’s Release

5. Hayley Cropper’s Heartbreaking Farewell (2014)

Hayley Cropper, portrayed by Julie Hesmondhalgh, was a groundbreaking character as one of the first transgender characters in British soap operas. Her decision to end her life due to terminal cancer was a moving and dignified farewell that resonated deeply with viewers. Watch Hayley Cropper’s Farewell

6. Becky Granger’s Dramatic Departure (2012)

Katherine Kelly’s portrayal of Becky Granger made her a fan favorite. Her dramatic exit, leaving Weatherfield in style and on her own terms, was a fitting end to a tumultuous and emotional journey. Watch Becky Granger’s Exit

7. Ken and Deirdre’s Iconic Wedding (1981)

The wedding of Ken (William Roache) and Deirdre (Anne Kirkbride) Barlow was a major television event, drawing millions of viewers. Their relationship was a central storyline for many years, making their wedding a standout moment in Corrie history. Watch Ken and Deirdre’s Wedding

8. Todd Grimshaw’s Groundbreaking Coming Out (2003)

Todd Grimshaw, played by Bruno Langley, had one of the first gay storylines in a British soap. His coming out and the subsequent kiss with Nick Tilsley were significant moments in television, helping to pave the way for more LGBTQ+ representation on screen. Watch Todd Grimshaw’s Coming Out

9. Sally Webster’s Cancer Battle (2009)

Sally Webster, portrayed by Sally Dynevor, faced a breast cancer diagnosis in a storyline that raised awareness about the disease. Her battle and eventual recovery were portrayed with sensitivity and strength, earning widespread praise. Watch Sally Webster’s Cancer Battle

10. The Rovers Return Fire (1986)

The iconic Rovers Return pub has seen its fair share of drama, but one of the most unforgettable moments was the fire in 1986. The blaze left the beloved pub in ruins and had a lasting impact on the characters and the street itself. Watch The Rovers Return Fire

These moments are just a glimpse into the rich tapestry of drama, humor, and heart that Coronation Street has woven over the years. Each scene reflects the show’s ability to tackle serious issues, deliver high-stakes drama, and create characters that resonate with audiences for generations. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the street, these clips are sure to remind you why Corrie remains a beloved fixture in British television.

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