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The Importance of Experience in Casino Business

Lisa Waterfield is an essential character in the casino industry. She has pierced the gaming industry’s glass as a croupier in UK & South African casinos. Besides, when Lisa had grown up in the UK, she was already into the gaming business, because her family owned a betting shop. The casino industry has lured her to South Africa, then on cruise lines where she has travelled to many places.

Casino Business Experience

During her time in operations, she was into various positions in table games, slots, keno, even bingo. After she moved to Las Vegas, she was able to expand her career, because the city is home to many major gaming companies which can create the perfect foundation to start a gaming career.

In her early career, Lisa has learned that reputation and credibility are all; trust must be earned and going above and beyond is what made her stand out from others. Working hard and being accountable for her actions and pushing herself to do better has been the fundamentals to which she is committed.

Her legacy has been the launching companies into new gaming markets, where she had to build and lead the sales teams. Her every position started with developing a strategic plan, effective implementation and successful execution. Proper planning can give direction and motivation to get the job done; however, without a plan, there is no plan.

Her inspiration is coming out when she is trying to come up with an innovative idea or an approach to problem-solving. Her strategy is to find a moment for herself and allow her mind to float, which makes the perfect trigger inspiration. By giving to her mind freedom to roam, there are high chances for an insight.

Areas of Development in the Casino Industry

The most critical areas of development in the casino industry, according to Lisa, are the electronic table games. She has been present during the original launch of ETG in Las Vegas. Even though the launch was a complete fail since 2003, they have evolved. Today, electronic table games are seen at every floor, and it is an excellent complement for the traditional table games offerings, such as roulette, blackjack, poker and others.

For Lisa, working in the casino industry is fun, because she is around people that have fun and turns her work into an enjoyable environment. She says that once you have worked in a casino, there are plenty of opportunities for advancement or expanding the skills in other areas. By switching towards manufacturers, this side can also come with additional opportunities to get into sales, game development and management. The gaming skills that are learned can be transferred to other casinos or industries.

Lisa Waterfield has also played some slots games to do some research for the market and entertainment, and her preference is the games of strategy. She prefers to interact with games. She also added that skill games are the future, even for slots. More and more skill-based manufacturers come online, and interactive games are expected to become the next slot category.

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