If you have been in the job market for at least 15 years, you must have heard the premise that employees are like cogs in a company: if dissatisfied, just replace them with others in the organization. But, nowadays, the reality is different, and this precept has been destroyed: and this is where the concept of people management comes in. Want to know how to do a good people management? Then go with us!

People management is known as the ‘heart’ of an organization. If it is okay, the whole company is. Let’s consider an example. Nowadays, an unmotivated employee is no longer dismissed – but called to talk about his fears, fears and expectations about the company. This happens once employees are seen as fundamental to the organization’s success.

If this employee were simply fired, the company would not know what aspects it should improve in order to keep the rest of the team happy, inspired and motivated.

It is in this sense that the management of people and HR (human resources) becomes increasingly strong within medium and large institutions. Your objective? Enhance the performance of the company’s employees, which results in a huge differential when compared to the competition.

Basically, a good concept for people management would be the following: “association of methods, techniques, skills, policies and practices that aim to enhance human capital and manage internal behaviors within companies of all sizes and market segments”.

However, keeping employees motivated and satisfied is not the only way to manage people. In reality, the strategy requires complete planning – involving the entire organization in search of training, electronic rostering, development and humanization of all those who are part of it.

However, people management is not necessarily performed by this sector, but mainly by the heads, managers and directors of the company – that is, by the professionals who truly require leadership skills.How to do a good people management?

It looks complex, doesn’t it? But it is not.  We are going to talk about motivation as one of the main factors determining a good people management.

The first pillar of people management is motivation – this being a “fuel” for the other pillars that we will see throughout this article.

The reason is simple: every company needs the individual effort of each of its employees to grow. And for there to be commitment, employees need to feel motivated.

An employee who is totally ‘unwilling’ to perform his or her duties has partially or completely impaired productivity, which makes him want to leave the company at the first opportunity that comes up.

And this is obviously not the profile of employees sought by companies today – quite the opposite. There is an incessant search for ‘self motivation’ in selection processes.

To better understand this topic, imagine an organization from the outside. What are the points that motivate the employee? Among the main aspects, we highlight the economic incentives (bonuses or attractive salaries), the company’s mission (social, sustainable or good-looking companies stand out in this sense), the possibility of growth (also known as a career plan) and challenges provided.

Basically, each person will become attached to one or more of these aspects when they feel motivated to work (and mainly, to continue) in the company. And that must come not only from the individual, but also from the company, which must be aware of what it has to say – focusing on this issue when hiring.