• Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

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The IT Staff of the not too Distant Future

The nature of work is changing fast and more and more the digital element is coming into play. This brings efficiency in leaps and bounds but it also brings risks and in some cases resentment. When you are recruiting IT staff to your organisation the traditional roles may soon be superseded by job titles such as Assistive AI specialist.  In some instances and for some businesses they already have this kind of position in their organisation.

With this in mind, what will IT of the future look like?

Cyber Security Specialists

With the rise of digital assets and a digitally driven economy having best in class cyber security specialists is going to become increasingly vital. Right now, most larger enterprises have dedicated cybersecurity teams which repel and investigate attacks against a system.  They work around the clock. Job titles include Threat Hunter, SOC Manager, SIEM Engineer, and Forensics Specialist.

Each member has a dedicated role in a larger operation. This is what is needed to repel a threat at the moment. As digital assets and indeed the workforce becomes automated these roles will evolve and expand as keeping them threat free will become even more critical.

If your digital assets are mission critical you may want to start a good relationship with a good recruitment service provider such as lynxpro.com or similar.

Cloud Specialists

As the cloud continues to grow, dominate, and replace IT infrastructure for all businesses up and down the country, this role is likely to be needed for decades to come. This encompasses remote working where once again cybersecurity comes into play. Ensuring that all remote teams can gain access to the information they need to do their jobs no matter where they are is mission critical.

Cloud infrastructure is adopted by small businesses as well as large enterprises as the cost savings are significant and it is convenient and easy to use. Given that most startups want to expand quickly, having a specialist on board from the beginning is good practice.

AI Specialists

AI is here and takes many forms and the chances are you have encountered it already without realising it. From chatbots to which ads you see on social media are largely controlled by artificial intelligence. Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are all investing heavily in AI and have deployed it.

The financial sector is an early adopter using it to perform Know Your Customer (KYC) checks where it can retrieve information faster and more accurately than under pressure employees.

AI is considered to be either assistive AI where it helps employees perform their tasks more productively or autonomous where it makes key decisions.  Given that predictions are saying that a significant percentage of jobs will be done by AI in one form or another, getting a specialist on board early is arguably best practice.

Find Talent Now

With the demand for better and skilled IT staff becoming increasingly mission critical it is a good idea to get the right people in place now. From this position, you can remain competitive and keep ahead of the curve and you will find your productivity increases considerably.