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The Most Important Information to Know About Mobile Offices

eFrom time to time, a business may need renovations done on their office space that could take weeks or months to complete. In those time periods, some businesses opt to have their employees work from home to continue getting work done while the renovations are being completed. For some businesses, however, that’s not an option. In these cases, a mobile office facility can potentially be a useful alternative. Here’s everything you should know about mobile offices.

What are mobile offices?

Mobile offices are pre-manufactured portable buildings. They provide temporary office space for your commercial needs. The buildings are assembled by industrial fabricators, and then delivered to whichever specific location you need it to be. Often, companies that produce mobile office trailers keep an inventory on hand, so that way, they can quickly deliver offices whenever a business may need some.

What are the benefits of mobile offices?

A few of the benefits that can be gained from mobile offices include convenience, affordability, and flexibility. As it relates to convenience, a mobile office can be set up anywhere a business may need as long as there’s enough space for it. Little to no site prep is required. The land just has to be not prone to flooding, and it must be level. It’s possible to even have the office mounted on cinder blocks to make it more stable and level. The flexibility businesses can have with mobile offices is that they can have the layout and features customized to meet their needs. Lastly, it can be an affordable option with some companies allowing you to lease them temporarily.

What features do mobile offices have?

Mobile offices can first come in a variety of different sizes. There are some as small as 160 square feet, and others as large as 1440 square feet. In addition to the variations of size, they also tend to come with electricity and data connection. The offices are wired up to support your electricity needs. They can have overhead lighting and hookups for data and phone connections. The interior of the office can be modified to your desires. Some can be outfitted with desks for employees to work on, built-in file cabinets, and furniture.

A variety of wall and conference table options can be chosen as well. It’s all based on whatever a business needs to use the office trailer for. If you run a construction company, the office can have a workspace for blueprints. It can also be used for the storage of tools and equipment if the office will be located on a construction site. If your business plans to use the office for employee training classes, you can have multiple desks and chairs placed inside. It’s even possible to have a restroom inside as well. It just requires water and sewage connections designed into it that can allow for running water, or you can use a chemical toilet option.

Bathrooms can also be made to accommodate those with disabilities as well. Always remember that if your office is for public use, it will need to have the necessary accessibilities to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. For comfort, heating and air conditioning options are typically featured in mobile office trailers. They can have electric baseboard heating, through-wall air condition, or propane heat. Propane heat can be a more affordable option than electric heat.

The newest models tend to have central HVAC systems where the temperature can be set for comfort and for managing costs on utility bills. Setting the thermostat temperature lower or higher than normal is a good way to save on energy costs. In the case of businesses using mobile offices for sales, the exterior can be built to have an attractive appearance through using shingle roofs, louvered windows, or vinyl siding. A metal skirt can be used to hide the cinder blocks, wheels, and anchors that are underneath the office. Lastly, you can have security features added to your mobile office as well. In particular, this is useful for offices on construction sites, as sometimes, equipment and tools can be stolen. An office trailer can be fitted with exterior lighting to help deter thieves. It can additionally have security cameras installed, alarm systems, and high-quality locks.

What’s the cost of a mobile office?

The cost of a mobile office can vary based on many different factors. If you have to have your mobile office located on a site that’s difficult to access, such as mountainous regions or remote farmland, that might impact the cost of delivering the office. You also have to consider the time of year you’re getting an office. During the spring and summer months, many construction businesses are looking for mobile offices to add to their construction site. A business selling mobile offices may see their inventory going down, which will cause them to increase their prices.

In slower months, inventory might be higher, which usually means prices will be lower. In addition, some businesses may factor in the number of miles to deliver your office and the width of the office trailer into the price as well. A short-term rental tends to have higher prices, while long-term rentals tend to have lower prices. You must discuss the pricing with the business you’re getting the mobile office from to help determine a price that can work for your company.

How long does it take for offices to be delivered?

The delivery time can vary between different companies. Suppliers that have an office in inventory can usually get your office to you within five to ten days. Nonetheless, if you need an office as soon as possible, some mobile office companies can speed up the shipping for you. Be aware that a shortened shipping time may cost extra, so make sure that it can work within the budget of your business.

Mobile offices are an option worth considering when your regular business offices are unavailable. Spend as much time as you need to evaluate your options and determine the features you’ll need in an office trailer to best run your business. If you want to learn more about mobile offices, Craftsmen IND has useful information that might be helpful to you.

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