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The new Volvo EM90 MPV: your very own safe and comfortable space on the move


Dec 19, 2023

The new Volvo EM90, our premium and fully electric MPV to be revealed to the world on 12 November, is designed to create room for life for you and your loved ones – in a safe and comfortable way.

At Volvo Cars, we’re building on our 96 years of safety knowledge from real-world accident research and aim to protect the people in and around every new Volvo car. With the EM90, we’re bringing this ambition into the pure electric MPV segment for the first time.

Like any Volvo car, the EM90 is built around a strong safety cage. It is made of various forms of high-strength steel, including boron steel, that help offset the impact from a possible crash in an efficient way. Inside the cabin, airbags are optimally placed to help provide excellent passenger protection. Double A-pillars give the driver a clear field of vision while helping to keep the safety cage strong, providing a sense of comfort, confidence and control behind the steering wheel.

That sense of confidence and control is further amplified by safe space technology; a wide range of safety and advanced driver-assistance systems inside the EM90. Enabled by software and a broad sensor set consisting of high-definition cameras, surround-view cameras, a millimetre-wave radar and ultrasonic sensors, our advanced driver-assistance features give you the support to drive with confidence and help avoid collisions in real-world scenarios.

Naturally, we’ve also focused on safeguarding the battery. As a fully electric MPV, the EM90 is equipped with state-of-the-art battery protection technologies, including a strong structure made of steel and aluminium that enables a safe and stable performance in real-world crash scenarios.

“Safety is always our top priority, and we aim to make our cars some of the safest on the market. The EM90 is the latest expression of that ambition,” said Åsa Haglund, the Head of the Volvo Cars Safety Centre. “The premium MPV segment is a new one for us, and the EM90 allows us to bring our long heritage and extensive knowledge in automotive safety to a new group of customers.”

Space for ultimate comfort and well-being
In addition to a high level of safety, we’ve also focused on your well-being inside the EM90. Our Scandinavian living room on the move brings you the ultimate comfort and well-being. Thanks to the generous cabin width and legroom, as well as a wide array of smart storage features, the EM90 provides a spacious and clever interior for everyone in the car.

The Volvo EM90 comes with our unique air-purification technology as standard. Regardless of where you travel, the air you breathe inside the EM90 is set to be cleaner than the air outside. The pre-ionisation and a fibre-based filter in the air-purification system can remove up to 95 per cent of all PM 2.5 particulates.

The EM90 is not just a Scandinavian living room on the move, it is also your private mobile concert hall. A total of 21 speakers from Bowers & Wilkins are beautifully integrated around the cabin and built into the headrests of the front-row seats to deliver high-fidelity audio with 3D sound, and create the ultimate sound experience inside the EM90, supported by 2,460W of power.

“The EM90 is designed to provide comfort and peace of mind in a Scandinavian style,” said Erik Severinson, our Global Head of New Car Programmes. “It’s a car that sets a new standard for modern luxury – a word that nowadays is often interchangeable with the expression ‘quality of life’. At Volvo Cars, we’re uniquely positioned to tap into this new mindset. We’re from Sweden after all, a place that believes quality of life is as important as being alive.”

The Volvo EM90 is coming first to China and will make its debut on 12 November 2023, when we will share more details about the car. Pre-orders will start for customers in China on the same date.

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