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The Parties Affected the Most by the Coronavirus Sports Break

ByDave Stopher

Mar 2, 2020 #Gaming

The Coronavirus pandemic, thanks to its rapacious spread, has had more than a significant impact on the whole world. Everything that had seemed immutable, unstoppable, has suddenly come to a halt. Even our beloved sports, which have become such an integral part of all our lives, have all been held on an unpredictable hold.

We don’t know for certain how long this halt will last, or what the long-term effect of the current events will be, one thing that we do know, however, is that a lot of parties have been affected by the pandemic.

Below we take a look at some of the most affected entities, particularly in the area of sports.

  1. Sports Lovers

It may seem a little disingenuous to list sports lovers as number one on the list when other parties such as the organizing bodies and players tend to lose millions of dollars in income, but as sports lovers, what we’re losing maybe just as much, especially in terms of psychological and emotional detachment that we experience thanks to the absence of these sports that we love so much.

  1. Broadcasters

While most broadcasters operate on a pay-per-view basis, some operate on a subscription basis. And while the former will, no doubt, be the biggest loser when it comes to revenue, it follows that even the subscription-based sports platforms are also sure to lose a significant chunk of income.

No one knows exactly how long the breaks will take, but the longer it drags on, the more money is lost.

  1. Leagues, Clubs, and Players

Thanks to the dependency of the whole sports ecosystem, a halt in operations is sure to ricochet throughout the industry. No matches mean no matchday revenue for clubs, no income for broadcasters, no sponsorships and broadcasting rights income for the organizers.

The players may seem to be the safest of all, thanks to the immutability of their contracts, but they also tend to miss out on a lot of matchday bonuses and other add-ons.

  1. Bet Companies

Bet applications and the companies behind them such as the 10CRIC website may have an edge over every other party thanks to the multi-faceted aspect of the market. For instance, users still have the options of stimulations, fantasy, and other bet types. Regardless of these, however, they are also sure to lose a significant portion of income thanks tho the lesser number of available markets and sports games to bet on.

  1. Journalists

Like most of us sports lovers, Sports journalists are fast running out of things to talk about. There are no thrilling games to discuss, no controversies, heroism, fails, or other aspects of the game that makes for good publishing and good television.

All these have a terrible effect on ratings and other areas of journalism with longer-term impacts. Thankfully there are still other things to talk about, such as the future of the league, transfers, and so on, but make no mistakes about it, journalists are reeling, and just as us sports lovers are.

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