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The Popular DIY TikTok Trends Professional Say You Should Avoid

If you’ve tried your hand at some DIY around the home over the past 18 months, you’re not alone. Plenty of people have attempted to freshen up their homes, with many sharing the results on social media.

From wall panelling to stick on tiles, TikTok is full of quick and easy home hacks to try, however be warned, some ‘home improvements’ could actually do more damage than good.

A new piece of research from has revealed which of the most popular TikTok DIY trends professionals say you should avoid, with painting sinks, cement worktops and painting with floor brushes all featuring in the list.

Whilst some trends might seem like time savers and genius ‘home hacks’, they can sometimes cause damage to your property and cost you more to get them fixed in the future.

11 DIY hacks that aren’t recommended by professionals:

  1. Painting decking with a floor brush
  2. Cleaning with drills
  3. Cement worktops
  4. Floor stencils
  5. Fake bricks
  6. Painting sinks
  7. Stick on tiles
  8. Grouting pens
  9. Painting with a sock
  10. Duct tape backsplash
  11. Stick on tiles for fireplace

DIY expert, Peter Hodgins, from Principle Kitchens and Carpentry analysed the TikTok hacks and scored them according to how likely they were to damage your home or cause injury.

On a scale of one to five, tips that scored a one were marked as ‘this is terrible – do not do this’, and a score of five was classed as ‘this is great – would highly recommend.

Almost 40% (39%) of the hacks were marked as a one (terrible), or two (bad), both of which weren’t recommended. Less than a third (32%) received the professional seal of approval with a score of four or five, and just over a quarter were marked as ‘this is not great, proceed with caution’.

DIY expert, Peter Hodgins comments:

“With all the extra time we’ve had at home over the past 18 months, so many people have done a spot of DIY on their homes – some successfully and others not quite as well. Unfortunately, watching a few TikTok videos does not make you an expert in building or plumbing, and this can sometimes mean that people are left disappointed with the finish, functionality and even safety of their DIY home hacks. If you’re unsure about how to do a certain task, it’s always best to consult a professional to ensure you’re going to be left feeling happy with the results of your home project”

To view the research in full you can visit:

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