Taking on the older woman role of a cougar has many positives – take a look below.

No Pregnancy Scare

A man doesn’t have to worry about pregnancy when dating an older woman. When women are in their 40s, they are in their sexual prime, and the last thing they want is children. At this point in their lives, sex is for fun and not procreation. This is why they take steps to avoid getting pregnant. This is something that women of all ages need to do. There is nothing worse than getting someone trapped into fatherhood before they are ready. Track your menstrual cycle and don’t rely on them bringing a condom. Make sure you have a pack of condoms with you so that you will have something if he forgets. Female condoms have become good options too.

Making the first move

You can be the one approaching him first. You can be the one to initiate the first move. You can take him to your bedroom. As you get older, you have less and less time to waste on waiting for someone to make the first move. Cougars are known to make the first move because they know what they want. They take charge of their destinies by becoming assertive. The worst thing that can happen is he turns you down. If it happens, just move on to the next one because life is too short to focus too much on someone not interested in you.

Less Commitment

There is less commitment when an older woman dates a man. This is because they know what they bring to the table, and the man can decide whether to accept that or move on. They are also less likely to push for marriage and you don’t have to worry about them popping out the “L” word on the second date. They give the relationship time to build because that is their motto. If it works, then well and good. If it turns out that the two are not right for each other, it becomes apparent after a short term and each goes their own way. There is no reason to keep someone who is going to make you miserable years down the road.

Not Afraid to experiment

Cougars know about kinks and they are ready to try out new things. Men love women who are not afraid to try out kinks. The cougar is more in control, and this eliminates the awkward moments that couples usually have when they are not secure about what they want during lovemaking. It is a good idea to talk with your partner about such things because it is how you build up this atmosphere. Make sure you let your partner speak too so you can build the relationship and trust each other more. If you want some quick and easy fun you can find male escorts www.escorts2.com/male-escorts to date.

You are in control

One of the main reasons why older women choose to date younger men is that they are in control of the relationship. They get the chance of making decisions about the relationship, from choosing date nights to special events. The fact of the matter is you can always be in control, no matter your age. Make your own decision when you enter into a relationship. You can do this by choosing what to do in the bedroom, what to eat, and what to do. A real man appreciates when their partner is in control sometimes so they don’t have to do everything. They will be happy when you take over for them.

Offer up great advice

Older women have been through a lot. They have known all about family drama, they understand work troubles, and had failed relationships. When a guy wants someone to help them when they have a problem, she can listen to him and give him good advice. A woman of any age can do this too. Instead of spending the entire time talking about your day, ask him about his too. If you notice him being troubled, ask him what is wrong. Listen to what he says, then look at your past experience and that of your friends and family and see whether you can give him good advice.

Great in the bedroom

Cougars have a lot of experience when it comes to matters to do with the bedroom, which is something many young men appreciate. You don’t have to go out and sleep with many people so as to get the experience. There are steamy movies you can watch to get some good ideas. Learn more about seduction, and read the Kama Sutra. When you learn something new in the bedroom, it boosts your own sexual confidence, and your partner is going to notice. If you take time to learn, you are going to get better.