Every shopping season, people consider purchasing gold jewelry. Since online shopping is the norm, getting a gold necklace online is not a far-fetched idea. After all, buying gold jewelry on the internet has its fair share of perks. Shoppers get access to larger inventories. Be it white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold – online jewelry stores hold much more stock than offline retailers. Of course, online gold jewelry shopping doesn’t allow shoppers to touch and feel the product before purchase. The online gold sellers are well aware of this. That’s why they display certifications, user reviews, etc., on their websites. Still unsure about purchasing gold jewelry on the internet? Here’s a guide –  

Get the Logistics Correct

Will the online jewelry seller use third-party services to deliver your item, or do they have independent delivery teams? Both options are acceptable, especially if you’re rushing to have your gold jewelry delivered right on time for a special occasion. However, before accepting any of these delivery methods, the sellers need to ensure that the packaging won’t be tampered with or damaged in any way. Inform the seller of your right to refund if the packaging is incorrect.

Setting Clear Payment Terms

Most online sellers of jewelry don’t offer cash on delivery payments. That’s understandable as most of these purchases cost four-figure amounts (or more). Make sure their website has a safe payment gateway so that your debit or credit card information isn’t at risk. It’s better to buy jewelry from online sellers who offer a whole caveat of payment options – net banking, e-Wallets, bank transfers, demand draft facilities, etc. Customers get an extra sense of security when online jewelry sellers are so open to offering customized payment options. Only well-established jewelers offer flexible payment options.

The Seller’s Authenticity and Reputation

If you’re buying Nano jewellery, you want to buy from the most reputable sellers of Nano jewelry! It’s that simple! Similarly, you want your gold jewelry seller to have a renowned website. Social media presence offers an additional sense of security. However, the key indicator of authenticity is certification. Ask the seller whether their products have been sent to authorized testing centers for quality checks. Jewelry that’s sent to these centers come with specific purity codes, testing center’s certification, the jeweler’s index, and the year of manufacture. Usually, online jewelers with the best reputation offer flexible refund policies, minimal shipment charges, and options to easily exchange the product in case the piece of jewelry is not the correct size.