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The secret tips for a solo traveler to cope with loneliness

If people have known you as a solo traveler, you must have been subject to the most common question, ‘Don’t you feel lonely while traveling solo?’ The answer is definitely ‘yes’ as everyday is not filled with memorable pool parties or rainforest trips or polo championships. There are days when you have to sit back and rest. It takes time to build a proper network while traveling.

If you want to strike that travel and work balance, it accounts for around 80% happiness and 20% loneliness/anxiety. Solo travelers often exclaim ‘travel is my passion but once they venture out, they keep wondering whether or not they’ll be able to meet like-minded, exciting and interesting people. If a solo traveler doesn’t instantly make good connections, they start feeling depressed.

Learn to deal with loneliness – Tips from solo travelers

  1. Stay off the internet

When you’re traveling alone, you’ll most often feel like logging into Skype or Facebook for talking to friends or getting in touch with family members. Experienced solo travelers have over the years realized that this is nothing but a dumb notion because it makes you miss your near and dear ones even more. Disconnect mentally from your smartphone, from the internet and your laptop. Explore new places when you feel alone.

  1. Focus on miscellaneous tasks at hand

Now is the time to focus back on the miscellaneous tasks that you have at hand. Spend time with yourself and ask why you’re here and what you wish to accomplish from this trip. Replace your feelings of loneliness with a fixed ambition and make a solid plan of action. Make these plans when you feel lonely.

  1. Sweat out your loneliness

Exercising can solve lots of issues, Low-energy and stress can all be handled by exercising and working out. If you even feel depressed and lonely, you can try this out. Train yourself as if you’re going to climb a steep rock all by your own. As there’s noone to watch you, get ready to surprise the world.

  1. Put yourself out among strangers

It is seen that people who are drawn towards solo traveling are the introvert ones. They are naturally not prone to speaking with strangers or sparking a conversation. If you too fall into the same camp, give in efforts to put yourself out to the world. Develop a script where you list the common questions that you may ask someone in order to start a conversation. You may strike a conversation with a bartender or a foreigner or even a local.

  1. Engage yourself in group activities

Considering that you’re an introvert, you’ll feel shy in initiating conversations with people as this is not your nature. Wherever you travel, you’ll meet foreigners and locals who will feel interested in your story. As you’re traveling solo, they will find this feat fascinating enough. In case this too fails, you can adopt a creative approach. Pretend you’re participating in a movie where you’re playing your individual part.

  1. Check the things that worked for you and do more of that

Most of us are familiar with the feeling when we feel down. How do you feel when you feel lonely on a trip? Do you crave for the calm beach or the energetic city life? Which type is your happy place? Do you find balancing yourself on a single foot on the edge of the cliff when you’re lonely? Take a retrospective glance into what worked for you. Make sure you start them off again.

  1. Embrace yourself

Try and embrace yourself at the present moment. Spend some alone time to think, reflect and feel creative. Walk down the street, laugh out loud at simple things and crack jokes even if that doesn’t make others laugh. There’s something great about not having to please and impress people. Accept the fact that you’re lonely and feel great about it.

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