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The Secret to Capturing the Best Band Sound? Gear Up With the Right Equipment

11Strengthen your sound and really sell your style with the best equipment in the game. Easier said than done, right? Not necessarily.

Ask any pro musician and they’ll tell you making music is all about hard work and skill, but without the right gear you’ll never sound the way you’ve always dreamt. How, though, do you know which brands to trust and which tools you really need? Aren’t they all sort of the same?

Here’s a list of equipment you should splurge on when stocking up for your next gig or upgrading your band’s gear, and a buyer’s tip to go along with each purchase!

Drum Throne

When drumming is your career, lifetime hobby, or brand new talent, your throne is vital in the success of your instrument as a whole. You want one that’s easy to transport, is stable and comfortable to sit on, and maneuvers well.

Find Your Features

When you are searching for a new drum throne for your kit, be sure to first consider which of these qualities is most important to you and your set. If you find that a sore back is hindering your skill, perhaps a simple shift toward comfort on your next throne purchase could yield monumental results.

All of these throne qualities are on display in this guide of the best drum thrones for 2019. These thrones are this year’s highest rated and they’re definitely worth spending extra on.

The Guitar Strap

Because the guitar rests heavily on your shoulders, getting a strap that is comfortable and properly fits can separate the mobile and engaging performer from a clumsy mess.

Bass, Acoustic, and Electric

The first thing to consider when choosing a strap is the weight and mobility of the instrument. Bass guitars, acoustic guitars, and electric guitars all require straps, but they all have very different weights and builds. The bass guitar tends to fit best with a more durable, bulky strap as the instrument tends to weigh more than its counterparts.

Customizability is Key

Be sure that your strap can be adjusted to a length that is comfortable for you while you sit, stand, and move around. Also, be sure that the width of the strap doesn’t cause it to dig into your shoulder. While this may not be a huge nuisance right now, with repeated use it will begin to cause your skin to chafe and blister from Joe Solo Music Success.

Amplifiers: Not Just About Volume

With an electric guitar, bass guitar, or keyboard, your amp is the key to reaching the larger crowds you wish to show your music to. A bad amplifier can lead to annoying feedback, and even mute the vibrancy of your sound.

There is more than one type of amplifier, so it is important to know what you want out of the device before purchasing one:

Consider these questions before making up your mind about which amp you need.

Choose Channel Switching

Channel switching is a highly recommended feature on the best amps. It allows you to alternate between programmed presets, meaning you don’t have to manually adapt your amps settings mid-show or even mid-song. This gives you more leeway with the type of tone you are able to layer into a song.

Build Your Sound, Your Brand, And Your Confidence

As a musician, you deserve the high-quality tools to put you on the right track towards your ideal sound. Continuing to settle for low-quality drum thrones, guitar straps, or amplifiers is be a surefire way to stunt the growth of your budding music career, or turn a hobby from fun to annoying.

Be Willing to Spend More on Quality Gear – You’ll Thank Yourself Later

There are ways for you to invest in yourself as a musician without necessarily churning out extra cash for expensive tools, but you might just have to accept that your savings should go towards quality gear and not hand-me-downs. If capturing a unique sound means something to you, trust quality gear to get you towards reaching this goal.




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