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The Smile Spa makes Major Investment in Latest High-Tech Dental Equipment and Methods

The Smile Spa in Stockton has made a major investment in the latest high-tech dental equipment and innovative dentistry methods, positioning the practice as an industry leader in the region.

The multi award-winning dental practice has invested £75,000 in a new state-of-the-art CT scanner, which provides a detailed 3D image of a patient’s mouth, making implant surgery easier and safer.

To further enhance its services for patients, the start-of-the-art dental practice is offering the latest innovative technique in dentistry, Digital Smile Design, after partnering with world leading dental professionals to deliver training to dentists across the country at its practice in Stockton.

By utilising Digital Smile Design, a new concept in dentistry, patients at The Smile Spa can see what their smile could look like before they go ahead with treatment.

Digital Smile Design is based upon the analysis of the patient’s facial and dental proportions. Using computer software with digital photographs, videos and models of the patient’s mouth, dental professionals can produce the ideal, bespoke smile design for each patient. The technique also allows the highly-experienced cosmetic dentists at The Smile Spa to implement ‘minimal intervention dentistry’, focussing on the preservation of as much as the natural tooth structure as possible.

Dr. Simon Andrews, Principal Dentist at The Smile Spa, said: “We are delighted to be able to offer our patients the latest and most innovative techniques and methods in aesthetic dentistry and we are proud to provide smiles as individual as our patients.

“Investing in the services that we provide our patients is our priority and we have always been driven by offering the most wide-ranging and advanced methods to achieve the best possible results.

“The Digital Smile Design technique will take this to the next level and enable us to create smiles to match patients’ facial features and even allow them to be co-designers of their own smile. By utilising minimal intervention techniques we can offer the patient a wider choice of treatments, allowing them to select the treatment plan that suits them best.”

Based on Yarm Road in Stockton, The Smile Spa dental practice offers a comprehensive range of dental treatments, including aesthetic dentistry, dental implants, sedation, root fillings, invisalign, restorative work and gum health treatments. It also provides facial aesthetic treatments, including wrinkle relaxing injections and dermal fillers.

The practice uses innovative anxiety treatments to ensure the patient’s visit is as stress-free as possible, including listening to music, aromatherapy oils and NuCalm, a new technique which is designed to quickly and effectively relax patients without using medication.

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