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The Strength of Temporary Buildings: Insightful Facts

ByDave Stopher

Oct 29, 2019 #Motoring

Most, if not all know that permanent buildings that are constructed according to set standards are very strong. But only a few of us know much about the strength of temporary structures. People incorrectly assume that they are weak and unsafe structures and that they can cause injuries to the users and damage property. The fact is that temporary structures that are designed and constructed according to standards are equally strong. They will serve the owners for many years as is expected.

What Determines the Strength of a Temporary Structure?

We can all agree that temporary structures come in different types. Some are stronger than others. There are many factors that determine this.

Type and design of temporary structures – temporary warehouses and showrooms are large, and they will consequently require stronger materials especially for the frames. Structural steel is preferred to iron or wood because it is strong and durable. However, small classrooms, retail outlets and mobile structures can use frames from other materials and still serve the owners for many years without any danger.

Structural engineering – experts in temporary structures usually develop the structural engineering for both custom and prefab structures. The main aim is to make them as strong as possible depending on the size, use and weather of the region where they are going to be used. Therefore, they have different shapes and architectural designs.

How to Choose a Strong Temporary Structure

Whether you are making a modular classroom, mobile clinic, event tent or starting a Car Valeting business, you want to have the strongest structure possible. Therefore, creating a strategy for this is the best direction to take. Reliable temporary structure experts are always available to help you on this journey. Just speak to them to get their recommendations. It is a prudent decision to brainstorm together and look at all factors that can affect the temporary structure.

Choosing the right materials for your structure is the next consideration to make. As mentioned, some materials are stronger than others. If you are in a position to cover the cost of steel frames and high-density wooden panels, then this is the best option to use when constructing temporary classrooms and offices. For those who are seeking tents for events, lighter frames are better because they are mobile. Something like an aluminum frame is strong and portable especially when combined with canvas covers. 

Accessories for fastening the temporary structures play a significant role in their strength. So, are you going to use nuts and bolts, straps or weld the frames together? Tents, temporary vehicle shelters and other smaller structures can have pegs and straps to fasten them to the ground before they can be relocated to another location.


The question of how strong temporary structures are varies depending on many factors. However, these structures are as strong as permanent structures, and they can withstand any weather if they are constructed in the right way. So, now you know how to make sure that your temporary structure is reliable.

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