We all are well familiar with the word RO means Reverse Osmosis system. As majority of the houses own an RO system to get purified and hygienic water for the health of the family members. This system which is of variety of purifiers and filters is installed in the kitchen of the house. Here we will delve into in the detail of Reverse Osmosis Water Filter.

Actually, reverse osmosis makes water clear and removes contaminants of unfiltered water. When water is forced through a semi permeable membrane and it flows from more concentrated side of RO to the less concentrated side to provide clean water for drinking.  The fresh water is called permeable and left over water is called waste or brine water.

Now the work is done by osmosis. A semi permeable membrane block the contaminants of water which permits molecules to flow through and reverse osmosis stops the less concentrated side to get contaminants of water. Here water is separated from salt and clean water is allowed to flow through tap.

What is removed by reverse osmosis system?

Arsenic and fluoride are removed from water through the system of reverse osmosis membrane. In an RO system there are sediments and carbon filtration for a broad reduction spectrum. Carbon based Reverse Osmosis system removes odors, bad taste and chlorine but sediment filter separates dirt and debris. Along with these it also removes herbicides and pesticides. But it does not remove bacteria and viruses.

Advantages of Reverse Osmosis

The list of advantages of the system is long one. The most expensive and costly system among the methods of filtration is reverse osmosis system. By this system 98% of dissolved solids are removed by it which makes water healthy to drink. RO system is more efficient than a water distiller which reduces TDS.

Sodium reduced, bad taste and odors reduced, harmful dissolved contaminants reduced, easy to install and maintain, fixed and out of sight under the kitchen sink and more environment friendly than bottled water at home are some more benefits of it which cannot be ignored.

Where this system can be used?

This can be used in the home under the sink in the kitchen or bathroom sink or mostly installed at the point of use. It can be used as a cabinet or remotely in the basement or garage as well. For the entire house this system is easy and simple to install and can be used for a refrigerator by connecting it with. Sometimes people use it for an aquarium too to match and modify the natural fish environment.