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The Tea Revolution is Here

The Tea Revolution is Here

The way tea is consumed in the U.K. has been the topic of much heated debate in recent years with many claiming we are now a coffee nation. With the spend per cup increasing and the consumption of wellness teas on the rise, one thing is sure, Tea is leading the way once again.The reality is Tea is changing with real dynamism and speciality teas are playing a massive part. There has been a coffee revolution, a craft beer revolution, gin revolution and even an organic food revolution and now there is now a tea revolution, which is happening right around us.

Each revolution was due to changing consumer appetites and consumers are interested in quality products, with a great story and values which match their own. It has been a long journey for the oldest of drinks, but tea is now back in the headlines and it can truly be considered the most modern of all beverages.

National Tea Day conducted a survey of Tea Brands and found that tea is on a rapid rise, this is due to a large 50% growth in consumption for 24-35-year olds, on top of that, 36-54 Year olds had a solid 25% increase in consumption. The biggest growth of all was in Females, with growth a massive 69%. Marco Geraghty – Head of research at National Tea Day says, The perception of tea has changed massively among younger generations, it is now seen as a sensual and wellness drink.

In the UK last year we drank 165 million cup of teas per day, in contrast Coffee consumption was significantly lower at 95 million cups per day. This shows that despite the influx of Coffee Shops, tea is outselling coffee day in day out.

Tea has moved from a traditional morning drink into a fashionable trendy drink that can be consumed any time of the day. The survey found an increase in sales of health and wellness teas by 80%, with the surge in herbal teas one of the biggest factors. Consumers are becoming more conscious of consuming quality sourced, healthy and great tasting products, and tea is offering a wider selection and choice than ever before.

The appetite for mass-produced low-quality products, is weakening, whilst premium tea is on the rise. The tea revolution is alive and kicking and consumers and brands are now wanting tea in a new way.

Like coffee, gin and craft beer, tea is evolving in the way it is perceived and consumption habits are changing for the better. National Tea Day want to ‘Reignite Britain’s Passion for Tea’. A REVOLUTION IS BREWING.

Visit National Tea Day for more information, tips and events near you.