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The top 10 outdoor plants for spring


Mar 14, 2022 #Flowers, #garden

With spring just around the corner, prepping your garden for the season is a must for all plant-loving individuals. #SpringGarden sees over 354,000 posts on Instagram and “Spring Flowering Plants” as a Google search topic typically skyrockets throughout spring. From statement palms to trendy topiary spirals, the UK’s plant lovers continue to fill their gardens with mood-boosting greenery.

Based on the best-selling outdoor plants in spring and the latest social media trends, Blooming Artificial reveals the nation’s top 10 favourite outdoor plants.

1. Geranium Bush

Effortlessly transforming gardens into a blossoming paradise, rightfully taking the top spot of the nation’s favourite outdoor plant is the Geranium Bush. With more than one on average sold every hour throughout spring by Blooming Artificial, the timeless colourful blooms available in a multitude of colours are set to be a returning winner this year.

Proving to be a worthy aesthetic for the ‘gram, #Geranium has generated over 684,000 posts on Instagram.

2. Bay Laurel Tree

The Bay Laurel Tree climbed the ranks in spring 2021, with one on average sold every hour. Loved by the nation for its elegant poise, rustic wooden stem and botanical lush leaves it’s no surprise that it grabbed second position.

Perfect for dressing your front door, Instagram posts tagged #BayTree have reached over 26,000 in 2022 already and are only expected to increase further thanks to the tree’s instant dose of curb appeal.

3. Ivy Foliage Bush

Ideal for hiding unsightly edges or adding a quaint English cottage vibe, it is a given this quintessentially British plant made the top 10. With approximately 19 sold every day throughout last spring, the Ivy Foliage Bush is perfect for achieving the countryside chic aesthetic. Plant lovers on Instagram continue to jump on this trend, with #Ivy already home to over 1.8 million posts.

4. Oriental Bamboo

The cool, calm and collected nature of the Oriental Bamboo sees it rightfully grab the fourth spot, with 18 sold on average per day in spring 2021. Perfect for transforming any garden into a contemporary yet comforting retreat, the plant is also a must-have in the Instagram world – as #Bamboo already sees an impressive 4.5 million posts.

5. Lavender Bush

From the Romans to Renaissance France, lavender has long been adored for its pleasing purple blooms and traditional aesthetic – so it’s no surprise the Lavender Bush ranked in the nation’s top 5.

Lavender’s popularity is only set to increase, with ‘Very Peri’, a delicate blue with violet undertones, voted  2022 Pantone Colour of the Year. #Lavender also accumulates an impressive 7.3 million posts on Instagram and is loved by garden enthusiasts year after year.

6. Cedar Topiary Spiral

A combination of the classic conifer tree and a traditional topiary spiral, the timeless Cedar Topiary Spiral peaks the UK’s interest with its grand and elegant presence. #TopiaryGarden is already home to over 33,000 Instagram posts in 2022, thanks to its aesthetically pleasing foliage spirals.

7. Boxwood Mat

The Boxwood Mat is perfect for creating an outdoor living wall, transforming your garden, and a UK favourite throughout the warmer months. This plant is loved for its luscious green foliage, emphasised by over 146,000 #Boxwood Instagram posts.

8. Areca Palm

Did someone say tranquil garden oasis? With its striking yet classic fonds, it’s no coincidence that the Areca Palm ranks in the nation’s top 10, perfect for bringing the popular art deco aesthetic into your garden. #PalmTrees is already home to an impressive 10.7 million posts on Instagram – with a faux version being ideal for both outdoor and indoor styling.

9. Mixed Flower Window Box

Window boxes are always popular when it comes to creating a floral paradise to make your windows pop – impressing both your guests and passers-by alike. #WindowDisplay already sees an impressive 105,000 posts on Instagram.

10. Pansy Bush

Flourishing heart-shaped flowers available in multiple shades, the Pansy Bush is the UK’s go-to for a stunning explosion of garden colour. #Pansy has currently generated over 397,000 posts on Instagram thanks to its colourful eye-catching blooms.

To find out more about the Top 10 Outdoor Plants for 2022 and how to style them visit: www.bloomingartificial.co.uk/blog/top-10-outdoor-plants-spring