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The Top 5 Factors That Determine The Customer Experience At Contact Centres


Oct 24, 2022

The contact center industry continues to evolve and transform. With changing technology and the emergence of new digital platforms, consumers now have more ways to interact with brands directly than ever before. Today’s customers are also more informed and demanding than ever – forcing businesses to adapt their strategies to meet their needs.

To help you understand what drives a great customer experience at your contact center (and how you can improve yours), we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 factors that determine the experience at contact centers.

Image by Ksenia Kartasheva via Pexels

Staff Who Are Appreciated

The agents in your contact center are the first line of defence for resolving customer issues. Therefore, ensuring a staff culture that fosters employee appreciation and recognition is essential. Because having the best agent experience in England, means your customer will have a great experience at your contact centre too.

When choosing the KPIs for your contact center, it’s important to determine metrics that measure how engaged your staff members are. By evaluating engagement levels, you can ensure they’re equipped with the tools they need to provide the best customer experience possible. To measure engagement, you can implement surveys and focus groups that ask employees about the level of recognition they receive, job security, workload, and other factors.

Continuous Customer Feedback

Customer feedback must be factored into your contact center operations regardless of how many KPIs you measure. Whether you’re using surveys, live chat, or other channels to interact with customers. By integrating customer feedback into your contact center operations, you’re making sure that your business is responsive to customer needs.

Continuous customer feedback also allows you to correct any service issues impacting the experience. One way to integrate customer feedback is through the use of an automated customer feedback system. Automated feedback systems make surveying customers and obtaining feedback easier. While providing the tools needed to act upon customer data.

Responsive And Trained Staff

While it’s important to value your staff members, it’s also important to ensure that your contact center has a strong strategy for hiring and training employees. Staff turnover can negatively impact your contact center operations, so tracking the turnover rate and strategising ways to reduce it is essential.

Surveying your customer base and understanding how their satisfaction level with the experience is impacted by staff turnover can help you determine the best way to reduce turnover. Another important aspect of staffing and customer satisfaction is understanding the characteristics of your customer base. Understanding the languages being used and the preferred method of communication is crucial to ensure customer satisfaction and improve the customer experience.

User-Friendly Technology

No matter how well you’re meeting your customer’s needs, it can still be challenging to provide the best experience if your technology is lacking. Technology can help you achieve your business goals. While it may be tempting to focus on improving other areas of contact center operations, it’s important to ensure that your technology is up to date. Particularly customer-facing technologies like your website and self-service apps. When choosing the KPIs for your contact center, it’s important to evaluate the level of customer satisfaction with technology. You can also determine if customers prefer a certain way to interact with your brand, such as email versus live chat.

Effective Communication

Communication is an important aspect of every level of contact center operations. Effective communication is key, from how your operators communicate with customers to how management communicates with staff. While KPIs like customer satisfaction surveys can give you insight into how customers feel about your communication, you can also evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of your communication strategies. By measuring the time it takes for operators to answer calls and emails, you can ensure that customers receive the level of service they expect. You can also determine any communication gaps within your contact center operations.

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