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The UK’s most popular pet Halloween costumes for 2021!

With Halloween around the corner, what costume to wear this year is on many peoples’ minds.

According to Google trends, searches for Squid Games Halloween costumes have increased more than 5000%, as have the terms ‘Halloween costume ideas 2021’ and ‘couples’ Halloween costumes 2021’. But some people don’t stop at their own costumes, choosing to dress their pets for the occasion as well.

Interested in this, money.co.uk decided to uncover the most popular Halloween costumes for pets in 2021. To do so, they sourced a list of the 35 most popular pet costumes this year and searched variations of each term into online analytics tool SEMrush to determine the number of Google searches around the world for each costume.

UK results 


Pet Halloween costume 

UK searches in 2021 
















Money.co.uk can reveal that the UK’s favourite pet Halloween costume this year is a spider. The costume has received nearly 23,000 Google searches since the start of January.

In second place is a pumpkin. With just over 17,000 searches in the UK, it’s not hard to see why this seasonal costume is adored by Brits.

Placing third is Yoda, with more than 13,000 searches for Yoda pet costumes this year alone.

Worldwide results


Pet Halloween costume 

Worldwide searches in 2021 


























Hot Dog



Harry Potter


Money.co.uk found that the world’s most popular pet Halloween costume for 2021 is also a spider, with nearly 165,000 Google searches this year. A simple classic, prices for these costumes on Amazon have already started rising – this Geneic spider costume has risen by 23% in the past 90 days.

The second most popular choice is a Yoda costume, with over 158,000 searches in 2021 so far. Since the release of The Mandalorian in 2019, costumes relating to ‘baby Yoda’ are still proving extremely popular. In fact, Star Wars’ official baby Yoda costume has risen by 109% in the past 90 days from £22.04 to £46.11*.

In third place is a lion pet costume, with over 124,000 searches this year. Tending to be on the cheaper side, lion costume prices are nonetheless on the rise as well. Despite only currently costing £9.99, this Bello Luna lion wig has risen by 41% in the past 90 days.

Placing fourth is Chucky from the Child’s Play franchise with nearly 116,000 searches. Fifth place is Batman with nearly 102,000 searches in 2021.

Salman Haqqi, personal finance expert at money.co.uk, provided his tips on keeping your pets safe on Halloween:

“First and foremost, when thinking about dressing up your dog for Halloween, you need to ensure your pet is comfortable and safe in your costume of choice. Some pets enjoy wearing clothing and others don’t. If your pet doesn’t want to wear something, you shouldn’t force them to as this could cause stress and anxiety. 

“Before dressing your pet for Halloween, bear these tips in mind: 

1.       Make sure your pet is comfortable in their costume 

The costume should be large enough and allow movement so your pet does not feel restricted. You’ll also need to ensure that their nose, eyes and mouths are not covered by the costume. 

2.       If they start to get spooked, it might be time to head home 
Halloween can be a stressful and confusing time for animals, and if they start showing signs of distress if you’re out with them trick or treating it’s best to cut your evening short to make sure they are safe and comfortable. If your pet shows signs of anxiety or stress at home you can try playing calming music to soothe them. 

3.       Take care they don’t get into your Halloween treats 

Make sure all sweets are out of reach from your pets. Not only is chocolate toxic to our pets, but sugar or high-fat sweets can be dangerous if ingested too, as well as the risk of potentially swallowing sweet wrappers made of foil or plastic which could block their airways. Try to have some pet-friendly treats closeby so that if your pet tries to get into any sweets you can offer them something safe to eat instead.” 


  1. Money.co.uk sought to reveal the most popular pet costumes for Halloween 2021.
  2. To do so, they compiled a seed list of 35 trending pet costume ideas of 2021 utilising the following articles: Good HousekeepingHello magazineDaily Paws.
  3. Next, they utilised SEMrush to obtain search volumes for terms relating to each pet costume including: ‘pet [X] costume’; ‘[X] dog costume’; ‘cat [X] costume’, etc.
  4. Money.co.uk then totalled the search volumes for each term using worldwide results and individual country results for the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand.
  5. Data was then aggregated and sorted to find the most popular pet costumes worldwide and for each country.
  6. Finally, money.co.uk wanted to find out how much pet costumes have increased in price in the past 90 days. They used Keepa.com to source the top five costumes’ average price in the past 90 days and compared that to the product’s current price in order to find an increase, or decrease, in price.

*Data was collected on 06/10/21 and is correct as of then, but subject to change.