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The Ultimate PvP Tournament Returns to Old School RuneScape Today with the Revival of Deadman: Reborn

Across the next four weeks, thousands of players will battle it out for the $32,000 prize pool, but only one champion will go down in Old School history

Wednesday 25th August 2021, Cambridge, UK – Old School RuneScape’s punishing PvP tournament returns today with the introduction of Deadman: Reborn. The competitive survival mode is back featuring drastic changes and offering an experience like nothing else in Old School RuneScape.  

The Old School RuneScape team have been busing levelling up the experience since its predecessor. Bringing higher risk, serious reward gameplay and forcing players into an unforgiving environment where they must compete against each other.

One of the most prominent features that’s coming to Deadman: Reborn is the Three Life system. When each player spawns into the game they will have three lives; there will be no XP lost when losing the first two lives, but on the player’s final death they will lose all their combat XP, 10% of their skilling XP, but fortunately their quest progress doesn’t reset. A further crucial change is the introduction of Combat -Level Bracket Worlds, these will essentially act as a barrier to prevent higher-level players to stomp on lower-level players.

Taking heavy inspiration from Old School RuneScape Leagues, the development team have also introduced Deadman Sigils, an additional layer of powerful buffs that’ll enhance gameplay. The Sigils come packaged in three tiers, each providing more power than the last, and will affect Combat, Skilling, and Utility. Additional Sigils can be obtained as drops from NPCs and they can also be bought from or sold to other players at the Grand Exchange.

The one-month season will come to a dramatic climax at the Deadman: Reborn Finale on Friday 17th September, where more than 2,000 elite players will battle it out in a nail-biting 1v1 stage. The most fearless player will be crowed victor and go down in Old School RuneScape history, not to mention getting the lion’s share of the generous $32,000 reward prize!

Rob Hendry, Executive Producer of Old School RuneScape, said:

“Yes, Deadman is back and danger is everywhere! We’re really excited to see our new take on the beloved tournament unfold across the next gruelling four weeks. It’s not for the faint-hearted – it’s frenetic, frustrating, and thrilling in equal measure. Players’ wits and prowess will be put to the test, and the winner can quite rightly declare themselves the best of the best! Will you be ruthless enough?”

To take part, players will need an existing account with active membership, and nerves of steel. You can check out the Deadman: Reborn trailer here:

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