Now more than ever, cleanliness and hygiene are stressed over everything else, everywhere. And while it might be easy to keep up with personal hygiene, it may not be the same with your warehouse. The job can be monstrous but as the owner or the manager, it is your responsibility to ensure the property is in its best shape.

 Creating a warehouse cleaning checklist is just about the easiest and most effective way to go about it. It helps you stay in top shape every day of the week around the year. And, you also need to ensure you get all the cleaning supplies from Trugrade, for even better cleaning.

Your Warehouse Cleaning Checklist

 The procedure you use to clean your warehouse or factory is vital, not only to you but your employees as well as the entire operations of the facility. It keeps employees in a healthy environment to perform their respective duties and operations running smoothly.

With a checklist, you can easily organize the routine. Check the list below;

Daily Cleaning Checklist

 You can start with an everyday daily cleaning schedule as follows;


  •       Sweep the floors, empty trash, straighten workplaces, shelves, and pallets, and check equipment in the warehouse interiors.
  •       Vacuum, sweep, and/ or mop floors, sanitize touchpoints, and wipe down counters in offices and break rooms.
  •       Clean and sanitize bathrooms.
  •       Clear and clean dock areas, around doors, and pathways for the exterior.

Weekly Cleaning Checklist

 The weekly cleaning checklist may be as follows;


  •       Reorganizing pallets, checking the condition of equipment, and straightening storage rooms, in the warehouse.
  •       Dust overhead lights, fans, and light fixtures, polish windows, sanitize and through polish bathrooms (the hard-to-reach areas, doors, etc), and restock supplies.
  •       Polish light fixtures inspect security lights, polish doors, and windows on the exterior of the warehouse.

Monthly Cleaning Checklist

 Here is a monthly cleaning checklist;


  •       Deep clean the warehouse interiors; inspect floor coating, clean under units, and shelves.
  •       For offices and break rooms, steam-clean carpets, clean furniture, inspect fabrics for any stains or wear, clean refrigerators and cabinets, test fire alarms, and other equipment in the break room and offices.
  •       Check for sinks, floor drains, and clogs in the bathroom and inspect for any mildew and mould.
  •       For exteriors, power wash walks and pathways, stairs, corridors and hallways, landings, and loading docks.
  •       Check the entryway mats’ conditions
  •       Inspect doors.

 Some of the factors you should consider while creating your cleaning checklist includes the size of the factory or the warehouse, number of employees, activities, and just about any other seemingly tiny details. In today’s scenario, it’s also imperative to have covid tests done for your employees to keep your staff and facility secure, Healgen Covid Test kit can prove to be a handy and affordable option for the purpose.


Also, the products you use to clean go a long way in ensuring freshness and hygiene. Getting your supplies from a wholesale industrial cleaning manufacturer is the best thing to do, especially because you are dealing with many large different places, used for different operations. You can also get them at the best prices if you buy wholesale.