If you find yourself charged with drunk driving, you may think you have no hope of walking out of court a winner. However, if you keep your wits about you and work closely with your attorney, you may just get this result. Though police and prosecutors will attempt to convince you they have a case against you that is open and shut, never assume they are correct and simply accept whatever they say to you along the way. If you find yourself facing drunk driving charges, here are some tips on how you and your attorney can plan the ultimate strategy to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed.

Procedural Mistakes

When you begin working with your drug driving lawyers regarding your drunk driving case, one of the first things they will examine will be whether or not police followed the proper procedures when making the arrest. For example, it is always possible police failed to properly administer sobriety tests while at the scene. In addition, various types of equipment used in determining your sobriety prior to your arrest may have malfunctioned along the way. Also, it is possible the arresting officer was not properly trained in how to use certain equipment in these situations.

Medical Emergency

In many of these situations, it turns out the person charged with drunk driving was in fact suffering from a medical emergency. This often happens with people who suffer from diabetes and experience significant drops in their blood sugar levels, since this can result in them appearing to be drunk or under the influence of drugs and unable to answer questions posed to them by an officer. Rather than let police and courts convict you of a crime you did not commit, work with your attorney so that your medical history and the testimony of your doctor or others who can act as expert witnesses will result in you having the charges dismissed.

Vehicle Malfunction

While you would think a vehicle malfunction could not possibly result in your being charged with drunk driving, think again. Should you fail to be in control of your vehicle and be pulled over by officers, they may jump to conclusions and assume you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This could be the case especially if you have had some alcohol but not enough to alter your ability to control your vehicle in a safe manner. If this happened to you, always make sure you and your attorney have your vehicle inspected immediately following your arrest. If it can be proven by an experienced mechanic that your vehicle did suffer a malfunction that resulted in your losing control, prosecutors will no longer have a strong case against you.

Involuntary Intoxication

For some people who are on prescription medications, they may suffer adverse reactions to the drugs they are taking. Should these reactions occur while they are behind the wheel of a vehicle, it may appear as if they have been drinking too much alcohol. Unfortunately, even if you are able to explain this to an officer, they may not believe you and thus decide to charge you with drunk driving. To beat these charges, you will need to prove when you last took your medication prior to driving and if you have had any prior reactions. Again, this will require your lawyer examining evidence about the medication to see if this has happened to others, as well as having your doctor and pharmacist testify as to the side effects associated with the medication.

Lack of Evidence

Finally, police in some cases may simply lack the evidence needed to build a strong case against you. To win with this strategy, it is usually crucial that your lawyers put the officer who arrested you on the stand. By doing so, they can cross-examine to ask about what occurred at the scene, the officer’s prior experience with similar cases, and other factors that may result in helping you win your case.

Since a drunk driving conviction could possibly lead to a permanent loss of your driving permit and even imprisonment, consult immediately with experienced attorneys at Rawlings Law to begin planning a winning strategy for your case.

By: Kim Hemphry

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