According to The Energy Saving Trust, a quarter of heat is lost through the roof of an uninsulated home and investing in proper loft insulation could save you up to £215 a year on energy bills. Even homes that are insulated could be racking up large bills this winter if the Beast from the East makes a return. Heat loss, through chimneys, lofts, badly sealed doorways and more, can account for up to 50% of all energy consumption in a home.

New innovative technology can now tackle this problem. Thermal imaging cameras can detect heat loss in properties by detecting missing insulation, air flow and equipment issues, compromised roofing and more. They are able to quickly detect sources of heat loss that are invisible to the naked eye. This new technology will ensure homeowners are not paying more than they should on their energy bills this winter.

The state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras can also detect the source of rising damp and leaks in homes, with minimal disruption and no damage to the property. These cameras can accurately detect leaks hidden under floors, ceilings, flat roofs and behind walls.

Findley Roofing & Building are the first roofing company in the North East to invest in six state of the art Flir thermal imaging cameras and offer an innovative way to tackle heat loss and detect the source of leaks quickly. This winter they are offing free 120-point roof MOTs that includes a thermal imaging camera inspection – regular price £299.

Grant Findley, the company’s Managing Director said: “If we have a winter like last year, many homeowners could be paying over the odds on their heating bills if their home is not energy efficient. This year, we are offering free thermal imaging surveys to homeowners to ensure they are prepared. We can now offer superior MOT’s and give extra diagnostics that should be the absolute minimum available to everyone.”

To find out more about Findley Roofing’s free MOT roof inspection, visit their website or call their office on 0191 417 3422.