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These Four Home Features Can Land You a Quick Sale

Home improvement projects have the ability to turn ordinary homes into stunning paradise. From sprawling gardens, modern kitchen layout, quality plumbing work, and remodeled bathroom, all these aspects add more value by the time you decide to sell the house. That’s why some homeowners are investing so much money on updating areas of the house in need of serious updates.

The real estate market is currently in high demand, and more sellers are putting their homes on sale to take advantage of people’s pandemic-driven desperation to buy properties. In fact, home buyers these days are willing to spend more on homes with high-quality finishes in desirable neighborhoods. People are changing their expectations and priorities for their dream homes, and sellers need to keep up with the shifting demand.

When putting a home on sale, it’s important to consider which features give the highest return. The truth is that certain home improvements effectively increase the price point of a property. For this reason, we’ll list down the major home features potential buyers are looking for in the current housing market.

Improved curb appeal

The curb appeal is the first feature of your home that makes a lasting impression on potential buyers. The moment the buyer walks into the house or gets a glimpse of its image, they will immediately judge the whole property based on how you maintain the landscape.

Before showcasing a home, take time to spruce the landscape by weeding the garden, planting new flowers, and replacing mulch and brick siders on flower beds. A freshly manicured lawn can go a long way in making a great first impression and increasing a house’s value.

Kitchen remodeling

The kitchen is one of the areas in our homes where occupants often hang out. This is where we prepare, cook, and have our quick meals. If your home’s kitchen is already outdated, it’s time to consider some upgrades to increase its value.

Kitchen remodeling is quite pricey, but it’s not practical to go overboard with expensive appliances and finishes. A minor kitchen remodeling is a better option since it allows the buyer to redecorate the kitchen according to their preference. A great tip is to go for a functional kitchen design by changing the cabinets, hardware, flooring, walls, sink, and countertops.

Bathroom upgrades

A fully upgraded bathroom is essentially that one feature that can drive up value. Besides the kitchen, a potential buyer is likely to appreciate an upgrade if it involves the bathroom. In fact, it offers the greatest ROI when it comes to remodeling. Instead of applying minor improvements for each room of the house, it’s more practical to focus on a bathroom remodel.

A bathroom update doesn’t require a full-on renovation, but you may consider current design trends that appeal to a wide range of homeowners. Buyers these days are increasingly looking for luxury amenities and spa-like features in bathrooms to recharge and relax after a long day.

Start by replacing old bathroom fixtures and fittings with designer sets. These include the faucets, toilet, shower head, bathtub, mirrors, cabinets, hardware, and other bathroom accessories. A great tip is to replace the old showerhead with a rain shower. This feature is something your potential buyers will appreciate.

You may also consider a curbless shower, a shower area without a barrier to step over. Seniors and wheelchair users will love this feature since it’s accessible and prevents the likelihood of falls and injuries in the bathroom. Also, big showers are surpassing large bathtubs in terms of must-have features in the bathroom.

Energy efficient

Electricity takes a huge part of an average person’s monthly consumption, so buyers these days look for homes that help them save electric bills. According to statistics, the average household spends $2,000 every year on electricity and can save at least 30% or $575 annually by using energy-efficient appliances.

An energy-efficient home is a proven selling point for those choosing between an older house or new construction. The problem is, it tends to be more pricey than other average homes in the market. There’s no need to fill the house with energy-saving appliances; instead, consider building more windows for each room. Energy-efficient windows prevent cooled or heated air from escaping from the house, and their increased insulation lessens the energy usage while making your home feel comfortable.

As the housing market remains strong, sellers need to be aware of how they spend their money in terms of applying home improvements before putting them on sale. Homebuyers are becoming more critical of what they want in their homes, and sellers should stay updated to provide the best at-home experience for their buyers.

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