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Things To Avoid While Selecting your LinkedIn Profile Picture

2020 is just three months away and if until now you have not gotten a professional headshot photographed to use it as your LinkedIn profile picture, you must hurry.  A professional headshot is necessary because it portrays you as a sincere, professional, and dedicated person who pays attention to the way they present themselves. No matter if you run a business or are looking for a job, a professional-looking picture leaves a positive impression on investors, clients, and recruiters alike.

You might opt for a professional Corporate Headshots London, want to do it yourself or ask a friend to click your professional portrait to be uploaded as your LinkedIn profile picture. Whichever method you choose, there are certain things you should avoid to ensure that your picture is on point.

Never Use A Selfie

Yes, your favourite selfie might have gotten hundreds of likes and comments on your Instagram and Facebook profile. However, it would not impress your recruiters, clients, and investors. Instead, go for a photograph that is shot from eye level, focuses on your face, has the right expression, and is not blurry.

Do Not Use Filters

Filters do make you look more appealing, but they also make your picture look fake. You should instead adjust the brightness, contrast, and shadow to make the picture brighter as well as adjust the sharpness to increase the depth in your photograph.

Do Not Crop A Group Picture

You might look good in a group picture from a party. If you think you can crop it and use it for your LinkedIn profile, you should not. Not only will it give it an impression that you are not serious and lack commitment, but also it will be blurry and pixelated. You should instead get a portrait shot of yourself in a well-lit location.

Abstain From Having A Distracting Background

You must avoid distracting backgrounds at all cost. They take away the focus from your face and personality. You must go for a solid-coloured plain background like a wall, or partially blur the noisy background.

A bokeh backdrop will create a compelling, soft, deliberately out-of-focus effect, which does not distract from the subject.

Do Not Incorporate Your Hobbies In The Picture

Yes, recruiters are keen to know about your hobbies and interests, but not in this way. There is a designated area in your CV to let the recruiters know what interests you. Your profile picture should be as simple as possible.

However, if you are a chef or artist, you can include some aspects of your profession in your picture. Ensure that those aspects are not overpowering and distracting.

Avoid Using Too Dark Or Too Bright Photograph

Your image should be well lit. You should avoid clicking pictures in direct sunlight or spot sunlight. Similarly, your picture should not be too dark and grainy. The light should be soft and ample but not excessive. Abstain from using flash if you are clicking the picture in natural light. If you are shooting indoors, you can get clicked near the window or door during the daytime.


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