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Thirteen Group invests in customer safety

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 16.43.35THE Thirteen Group is enhancing the safety of its residents even further through a project to install carbon monoxide detectors in more than 12,000 of its properties.

The detectors, supplied by Aico, will be fitted during routine gas services to homes which do not already benefit from the potentially life-saving devices. They come with lithium cell batteries for cost-effective installation as no electrician is needed – and last for ten years so do not need to be frequently replaced.

Although there is no legal requirement for social landlords to fit carbon monoxide detectors in existing housing stock, Thirteen is fitting the equipment as part of its commitment to ensuring its residents are as safe as possible.

According to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for England (November 2013), accidental (and therefore preventable) carbon monoxide poisoning results in recorded cases of around 40 deaths and 200 hospitalisations each year in England and Wales.

Recent figures from the Department of Health indicate that there are 4,000 attendances at accident and emergency departments for treatment for CO poisoning each year in England – which can often lead to lasting neurological damage.

Mark Robson, Head of Thirteen Property Services, said: “We encourage all our residents to ensure they are available to let us into their home for a gas servicing appointment. It is not only a legal requirement but is vital to the safety of the occupier and their family.

“Providing carbon monoxide detectors is an extra step and while this represents an investment for the business, they provide an additional layer of safety for our tenants. Our gas engineers install the devices during their routine service visits in a couple of minutes, but it is a couple of minutes that might save a life.”

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