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Thirteen Guidelines to Write a Coursework

As we all know that to complete any degree, school, class or any course students have to go through assessments. Assessments are done to measure, evaluate and document student’s academic progress as well as know the student’s skills and potential.

There are many types of assessments; multiple-choice questions (MCQs), projects, presentations, practicum, written reports, case studies, etc.

The most commonly used tool for assessment is the Coursework Assessment. Now, let’s find out what coursework is and how it’s beneficial?

It’s practical work done by students for the final assessment and fulfillment of their training or degree, which is usually assigned by the mentor/teacher. It includes fieldwork, research, thesis, projects, designing; according to the course requirement.

Many students get excited that they will be learning something new and will be creating something on their own while others are confused, worried and feel burdened, this may be due to their busy schedule, sometimes lack time or interest.

Here are a few guidelines that can help you get going.

1. Plan

Planning is the first step that one has to take before starting to write or make projects. First, understand what is required for example note down the questions and get complete information by your teachers or mentors, paperwork is the key; know your deadline and schedule your task accordingly. You should also ensure how many marks are being allocated for each part of the assignment. You can always start by writing an essay on the selected topic so that you can brainstorm your mind about the facts and figures.

2. Purpose

Keep in mind that coursework is provided to students by their teachers and mentors to assess their abilities, understanding, creativity. Always keep yourself dedicated and give the best of your knowledge and potential.

3. Research work

Now comes the most important element of the coursework, for incredible writing you have to use credible sources. Use your institute’s libraries as that will be a great help for you. If you are using the internet make sure to check the authenticity of the source and yes, don’t forget the classroom lectures and notes.

4. Effective and Relevant information

Always use authentic and relevant information, make sure everything is closely connected and make sense. Many times we have a lot of information about things but we have to compile the most authentic source of information of all.

5. Division of work

You should always divide your work into parts, one should not complete their whole assignment in one go as this creates more chances of mistakes and make the work less productive. Always use your productive time every day and this way there will be less chance of mistakes and you will not feel burdened.

6. Get Yourself Organized

Don’t pile up papers and books all around this will confuse you and there’s a high risk of missing some important information, you can create a calendar for submission of projects, assignments and to keep track of your scheduled routine.

7. Time management

As soon as you start working on your assignment make a timetable so that you can manage and don’t get stressed at the last moment. Keep a deadline for every task so that you can manage your work accordingly

8. Group Work

Different people have different ideas and opinions; you can create a new unique idea by sharing each other’s views, experience and information. On the other hand, you can relax and build good relations with one another as well.

9. Ask for Help

Never, I say be afraid to ask for help. First, you need to understand that an unclear mind can never create productive and quality work. You can always seek help from your teachers/mentors who has assigned you the task. Different colleges, institutes, and agencies are there to help as well; you can always ask for professional support to get your desired results.

10. Avoid Plagiarism

Do not copy the material from the internet though there are many websites providing material to students. Always make sure that you create your content. Yes, you can consider the material from different sources like libraries, the internet, etc, but make sure that the material you have submitted is 100% original.

11. Proofread Your Assignment

Always proofread your assignment before submitting to avoid any grammatical and spelling error. You can also get it to proofread with someone with good grammar and vocabulary

12. Good Sleep

Regular seven-hour sleep is essential for everyone; try to avoid things like using technologies, exercise, and food, etc before going to bed, it will help you sleep faster and effectively. And keep you active and creative during the day.

13. Reward Yourself

Rewards always motivate. Do reward yourself after submitting /completing the assignment. You can plan a trip, go on a holiday, and go for dinner or something
Things that you should do and keep in mind

• Planning is the key.

• Present your ideas in a good way.

• Select a topic that you understand well.

• Always keep a Backup.

• Use good vocabulary.

Things you should not do while writing a coursework

• Leave your coursework for the last moment.

• Never surpass the word limit.

• Use too comprehensive statements to prop up your case/argument.

• Never stroll off the topic.

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