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THK revealed advanced technology EV prototype at Japan Mobility Show

TOKYO, Japan, December 5th, 2023 – THK CO., LTD. (THK), unveiled its advanced LSR-05 electric prototype at the recent 2023 Japan Mobility Show. Beyond a design study, the LSR-05 is a fully functional prototype vehicle developed to highlight a range of advanced technologies developed by THK for application across the global automotive industry. The LSR-05 was designed by Shiro Nakamura, President of SNDP, widely recognized for creating some of the world’s most impactful automotive designs.

Akihiro Teramachi, President, and Chief Executive Officer of THK, explains the philosophy behind the vehicle: “The LSR-05 represents THK’s perspective on the future of mobility. We created this vehicle as a platform to demonstrate both the value of THK’s innovation and how we can accelerate the development of next generation vehicle technologies.”

Technology and Design in Harmony
The LSR-05 is a crossover four-seater coupe created to meld luxury, sportiness, and technology within an elegant but progressive exterior. The name ‘LSR-05’ encapsulates the fusion of Luxury, Sport and Revolution while paying tribute to the company’s roots in the early 1970s as the originator of the world’s first linear motion guide, known as ‘LSR’. Additionally, the ‘05’ relates to the twin milestones of THK’s 50th anniversary and the fifth generation of the vehicle since its inception.

Shiro Nakamura, President of SNDP and the design director for the LSR-05, remarked: “LSR-05 is a powerful showcase for THKs technological capabilities and a powerful statement of how the company views the future of mobility. The design is purposefully clean and elegant while communicating the substantial potential of THK’s advanced technologies.”

Advanced Platform Technologies
The LSR-05 platform features a sophisticated four-wheel steering system through the integration of two THK original 93 kW (800V specification) variable-flux in-wheel electric motors in the rear and a 220 kW (800V specification) electric motor in the front. The platform integrates several key THK technologies that drive ride comfort and handling stability including active suspension, MR fluid active dampers, and electric brakes. The LSR-05 also features a contactless power transfer system, perfectly embodying THK’s forward-looking vision for future mobility.

On the inside, the cabin incorporates a stealth seat slide system mounted on a flat floor, delivering a luxurious and comfortable interior space. The open interior theme is carried forward to the driver environment that features a wide display surface, fusing modern technology with natural materials, fine detailing, and visible craftsmanship.

Key THK-original advanced technologies featured on the LSR-05 include:

Stealth Seat-Slide System: SLES
An LM Guide is installed on the inside of the seat and connector on the floor. By sliding with a dedicated actuator, a long stroke can be achieved even in a compact installation area.

Variable Magnetic Flux In-Wheel Motor: enemo
This inner rotor-type in-wheel motor increases reliability due to driving the left and right wheels independently. In addition, both high-torque and high-speed rotation are enabled thanks to a variable magnetic flux system that utilizes a highly rigid THK ball screw/spline. Furthermore, assembling the THK curved guide into the rear steering enables four-wheel steering, which features a large steering angle and contributes to a precise driving line.

Active Level Control Suspension: ALCS
This system enables vehicle height adjustments and stability control inputs based on road surface conditions. This is achieved by operating a THK ball screw/spline which lowers the height of the vehicle to reduce air resistance when driving at high speeds and improve power supply efficiency when using contactless charging. The system can also raise the height of the vehicle when off-roading or when driving over uneven surfaces.

MR Fluid Active Damper Tube: MRDT
THK offers seismic isolation technology with a lineup of rotary dampers that utilize ball screws and a viscous element that absorb and dampen vehicle inputs. By combining this technology with MR fluid, the damping power of the suspension can be controlled electronically to absorb vibrations and used in conjunction with the ALCS, which controls vehicle height.

Contactless Power Supply: CLPS
Through the DWPT (dynamic wireless power transfer) method, a power transmitter is embedded in the ground, and a power receiver is installed in the vehicle. Lowering the height of the vehicle with the ALCS increases charging efficiency, enabling power receivers to ultimately be smaller and more lightweight. Contactless charging has the potential to increase driving distances, even with shortened charging times and smaller battery packs.

Electric Service Brake: ESB
This system controls four brakes independently through biwiring (electric control). The system contributes to significant vehicle weight reduction and packaging size by utilizing a highly rigid THK ball screw inside the brake actuator.

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