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Three Books That Will Definitely Boost your Writing Skills


Apr 28, 2020 #Essay writing

For the excellence of most businesses, you will require quality writing. The following books will be of great help to anyone willing to boost his or her writing skill. All you’ll need to do is to take note prepared by the best online essay writers.

Bird by Bird: Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott

Lamott elegantly and passionately expresses her view in a humorous way. Her writing advices are well expressed in her literature. She has two major advices that are recommended to any writer.

  1. When you are overwhelmed at the quantity of writing you have to do don’t give up “Bird by Bird”. She came up with this phrase after watching her sibling’s panic over a huge assignment he was to submit the following day concerning bird species. Fortunately the writer dad comforted the boy and told him the words “Bird by Bird” buddy just take it Bird by Bird.
  2. Always be ready to do the “sh-tty first drafts” as she refers to them

Lamott admits that the first draft is prone to many mistakes and any writer should not panic at this. She actually says if her initial drafts could get to the hands of readers unedited, it would mar her profession. So she resolves to the prior drafts which she later edit. This way, she is able to eventually produce exemplary work.

The Sense Of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing In The 21st Century by Stephen Pinker

Stephen is a science professor who writes non-fiction articles. He is the chairperson of the Usage Panel of American Heritage Dictionary which very popular globally. Stephen’s style has much to borrow from. His interest developed after observing the poor quality of work submitted to him both by scholars and his fellow lecturers.

  1. Pinker’s greatest concern is to see how sentences bond within a paragraph to bring out the meaning.
  2. He also insists on the use of positive voices in personalized references. In cases where you need to report what happened and not necessarily who caused the thing to happen.
  3. Pinker also advices on the proper use of punctuation marks which helps bring meaning.
  4. In his research, he realized there is a great deal of misuse of word. He notes that usage of words without thorough consideration of the actual meaning of the words and the context wherein they are used.

Getaway Car: A Practical Memoir about Writing and Life by

Ann Patchett.

Patchett being an essay and novel writer, has written several English novels among which is the Getaway Car where she unleashes very wealthy advices which are part of her real life experiences, below is one of the advice she gives

“One lousy hour for one measly month”. Patchett says if you got an idea you wish to write about so badly, dedicate a single uninterrupted hour daily for a whole month for it and the results will shock you.

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