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Three Ways Job Seekers Can Set Themselves Up for Success


Nov 2, 2020

When you’re on the hunt for a job, there’s a lot to do. You have to compete with tons of other job seekers, have the perfect resume, and be ready for an interview at any moment. Whether you’re looking for your first real gig, or you’re trying to change careers, it’s a lot to shoulder.

But no matter your goals, there are specific points you should always keep in mind as you try to find your next gig. Check out our three tips to set yourself up for success on the job hunt.

1. Know What Your Background Check Reveals about You

First things first, you need to see what a recruiter sees when they look up your information and profile.

These days any reputable company is going to perform a background check on you before they hire you. Background checks are especially prevalent in fields that deal with sensitive information like finance, health care, and other medical work.

If you’re concerned or curious about what someone may see, you can pay for a background check on yourself. Sites like scoutlogicscreening.com provide comprehensive background checks for numerous employers.

Being able to know what recruiters will see before you hand off your resume can be handy. It will give you an insight into why you’re not getting the calls back that you think you should.

Once you get a good sense of what your background check looks like, you’ll be able to tackle any problems that could arise because of it and focus your energy on other areas.

2. Figure Out What Your Resume Is Not Saying About Your Past

Beyond your background check, if you’re on the job hunt, you also need to be thinking carefully about your resumes, and what it is or isn’t communicating well.

If your resume is a laundry list of your past positions but doesn’t detail your skills or show off the volume of work you did, then your resume is not pulling its weight. Having a resume that explains your past is especially crucial if you want to change fields or positions in a drastic way.

The resume should explain and expand upon your transferable skills while highlighting your ability to handle a high volume of work. These selling points can make a big difference in the job market nowadays.

3. Keep Track of Where You’ve Applied for Follow-Up Purposes

Lastly, if you want to make an impact on your job hunt, you need to keep a clear record of where you have applied, and how far along you are in the process.

Job seekers often lack this document. As a result, they lose track of the applications they’ve sent out and miss their opportunity to follow up on their applications promptly.

Without a document that maps your job hunt, it can be challenging to know what you’ve already done and who you need to contact for a follow-up. And without a follow-up, it’s unclear if you’re still in consideration at any of these businesses.

Create a simple spreadsheet that documents what positions you’ve applied for, and when you’ve sent in your application. As well, record if you’ve had any interviews or if you’ve heard back at all. This documentation helps you confirm receipt of your application and touch base with hiring managers on time.

Altogether, these little actions can make a big difference in the long run. By and large, companies value and prize employees who are proactive. By being proactive in your job search with the help of a tracking document, you can demonstrate your commitment to the company before they even hire you.

In The End

All in all, job searching can be a challenging journey, but specific tips and tricks to make it easier. Staying proactive on your background check, communicating your skills clearly, and staying on top of your applications can be a big boon in this complicated job market. Just stay determined, and you are sure to succeed.

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