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Thrillseekers won’t let a lack of sight stop them going Gung-Ho! on the world’s biggest inflatable obstacle course!

InflatablesA determined team won’t let a lack of sight get in their way of going Gung-Ho! when the world’s biggest inflatable obstacle course returns to Newcastle.

Five runners with visual impairments will take on obstacles including Europe’s tallest inflatable slide and the world’s biggest bouncy inflatable at Gung-Ho! 5k Newcastle Racecourse, Gosforth, on Saturday 2nd July.

The fantastic five will take on the ten tricky obstacles with the help of guides in a bid to raise as much money as they for charity Henshaws, which helps and support blind and partially sighted people in the north-east.

Alan Montgomery, 57, from Wallsend, will be part of the team. He is ‘severely sighted’ due to damage to the optic nerve behind his left eye, which causes him to have very blurred vision.

He spends four days a week volunteering at Henshaws, where he helps people settle into the services provided by the charity.

Alan said: “When I heard Henshaws would be entering a team I got very excited – I thought it sounded absolutely brilliant!

“I love sports – I play five-a-side and 11-a-side but I have never done anything like Gung-Ho! before. I am sure it will be lots of fun but also a real challenge for me.

“I suppose there is always a risk that I’ll fall over but at least if that happens I will land on something soft and bouncy! And if I do go down, I’ll just have to get back up and have another go at it.

“My sight will obviously hinder me but when you’ve lived with something for nearly all your life you just have to get on with things and not let it get in your way.

“I can’t wait to go Gung-Ho! I reckon it will be right up my street.”

Pal Adrian Woods, from Walker, suffers from a hereditary condition which causes him to have tunnel vision.

Dad-of-one Adrian, 37, said: “It will be a massive challenge for me and very different to anything I have done before.

“Up until recently I was never sporty, but since I have been studying at Henshaws I have been playing lots of football and getting fitter.

“I have tunnel vision so I can’t see anything at the top, bottom or either side, so doing Gung-Ho! will be very difficult.

“At the moment I am not nervous at all – just excited! I think on the day I might get a little worried, but if I fall over, I fall over!”

Up to 5,000 runners are expected to take part in Gung-Ho!, many raising money for charities which include local charity partner Smile for Life, based in Gosforth, and national partner Children in Need.

Organisers decided to bring the fun-filled event back to Newcastle after an incredibly successful debut in September last year which saw more than 2,000 runners take part.

Cbeebies presenter and Gung-Ho! creator Alex Winters will host the race on day. He said: “The Newcastle race was an amazing day. It was my favourite of all our events last year.

“Since we signed up to go back there I’ve been waiting to see what the Geordies have in store for us this time.

“To hear about this team taking part really is inspiring, and it makes me feel privileged and proud to know they have chosen Gung-Ho! to challenge themselves like this.

“They are what going Gung-Ho! is all about. They are not letting life’s obstacles get in their way of facing and conquering challenges, like our inflatable obstacles!

“I can’t wait to see them on the day. I’m sure they will inspire every other runner who sees them on the course.”

Newcastle, which launched Gung-Ho! as one of just of three events in 2015, is part of a much bigger, 12-date Gung-Ho! UK tour this year.

Runners, who must be at least 4ft tall, receive a free bib with race number, Gung-Ho! t-shirt and  headband, while any spectators can attend for free and enjoy the food stalls and music.

Tickets and more information are available at www.begung-ho.co.uk. Check out Gung-Ho! updates by searching ‘Gung-Ho! on Facebook and on Twitter, at @begungho.

Tickets cost £40 but prices go up shortly, so sign up quickly to ensure you don’t miss out.

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